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    Sometimes life gets in the way of fun. But hey, atleast we still got Destiny :D
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    Season of the Chosen

    Im kind of excited for next season, than again, i like the story behind Destiny. Caiatl is Calus' daughter, so will we ultimately kill her or will Calus step in and either help us or convince us not to kill her. Though, im kind of upset that my Armor is being sunset since it only goes up to...
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    So whats new ??

    If you ever need help with the mission, especially the Bird of a Feather triumph let me know. I can get someone from my clan to be the third.
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    So whats new ??

    I agree, the jumping puzzle sucks. Though any jumping puzzle sucks. Though, as of now, im like 600 of 700 kills for the Hawkmoon catalyst. But i got Killing Wind on my Hawkmoon, so imo it was worth the struggle lol
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    Your thoughts on the current state of the Crucible. (keep it civil please)

    I agree with Viper on Stasis. I believe it should be banned in IB and Trials. Its just annoying that the frozen lasts so long and does so much damage. But, overall, i do like the current state of Crucible. Even though i rarely play it lol
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    Blast from the past!

    I thought you were on Xbox? Did you recently switch or atleast since the last time i was here? Its good to be back, we need to do some stuff together again. Though, i may complain about PvP, im actually pretty good imo lol.
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    Blast from the past!

    Im on Xbox, specificly, the Series X. But what are you on now? Still Xbox or did you switch to another?
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    Blast from the past!

    Man has it been a LONG time since i was here! How's everyone been? I been clan hoping for a bit, but recently, i found a clan i like. But im always up to play with the old crew and new ones too.