Tweets I Want to Send...

Dec 17, 2020
Anyone who lives within a mile of the Hanover Air Park in Ashland, Virginia will understand this nonsense. Long Story Short, about 12 months ago, the Verizon equipment at the tower near my work caught fire. Verizon has not replaced it literally every day, several times a day, my phone has no service for anywhere from 5-35 minutes at a time. So this is the tweet I sorely want to send, because just last month, by my count, being at work 20 days, I could have deducted over 400 dollars from a 250 dollar phone bill:

@Verizon how about everytime I can't get service on my phone literally half a mile from a major interstate I deduct $2 from the amount I pay you? I figure if I start getting to send YOU a bill you may actually spend some of the money you get from subscribers on improvements.