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  1. Hockeydad21

    Happy New Year !!

    Happy New Year to all the guardians out there.
  2. Hockeydad21

    The Dawning 2020

    The event was meh. Got some Cold Fronts with some nice perks but haven't tried them out yet.
  3. Hockeydad21

    Well isn't this just fine !

    Old face. Same place. Some things don't change, Huh?
  4. Hockeydad21


    Thank you Michael. So, what's been going on in the world in my absence?
  5. Hockeydad21

    Your thoughts on the current state of the Crucible. (keep it civil please)

    Overall, Crucible isn't bad. For me, Stasis can make it unbearable though. There's no skill involved with using stasis. And for those that still use Jotunn, that weapon should be banned in pvp too. I've had fun. Just wish the IB weapons were much much better than they are now.
  6. Hockeydad21


    Man, it's been a while...