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  1. vipertec

    Season of the Splicer

    I know it's still kinda early/new but what does everyone think of the new season ? Me, well , what ANOTHER FRIGGIN' JUMPING PUZZLE !
  2. vipertec


    If Bungie is going to continue putting new Exotics in high power missions (lost sectors) and raids , and not have them in RNG drops , then I've decided that they can keep them , I not going to bother going after them with the little time I have to play I'm not going to waste it going after...
  3. vipertec

    Outriders Demo early review

    Let me start this review by saying the graphics in Outriders are amazing , I play on Xbox One with a 1080p tv , that being said ..................... Keep in mind I've pretty much only play Destiny 2 and some Anthem (RIP) here and there . I found the gun play to be a little off , it was hard...
  4. vipertec

    So whats new ??

    What's going on ? Not too much action here (not surprised) I just got over a mild case of covid so there's that , other then that not to much going on . I did decide I'm not going to do the new Hawkmoon stupid azz jumping puzzle for a random roll , it just isn't worth it too, Bungie is getting...
  5. vipertec

    Happy New Year !!

    Here's hoping everyone has a Healthy and Happy New Year !! I'm hoping 2021 turn out better then 2020 cause it was a giant turd !
  6. vipertec

    Well isn't this just fine !

    Hey gang it's good to see that they have renewed the forums and it looks like some of the old gang is coming back !! Even though we lost all our old posts and what not this looks like it will be pretty good !