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  1. michael6745

    Guardian Games begin April 20, 2021

    Oh joy. Hail to the Titans since they're going to probably alter the hunter numbers again. Anyway... You get the Heir Apparent and the catalyst. Which I already have.
  2. michael6745

    I now have the Unbroken Title

    Got my third Legend and I'm finally unbroken. Thanks to the help of clan mates. I got so close often. I was within 3 games (5200) and then went on a losing streak. Another 20 games later... That was a tough title to get.
  3. michael6745

    Team Shooting

    I enjoy the Competitive playlist in D2. I'm so close to Unbroken. It's a tough ride. One thing I just don't like is team shooting. There are teams that are just good. They can push and steamroll me. I'm fine with that. They're good, I'm not. I get it. Then you get those teams who...
  4. michael6745

    Destiny 2021 Update (From Bungie)
  5. michael6745

    Season of the Chosen

    Season of the Chosen triailer I remember when I used to get all excited for the Trailers. I'm kind of meh, on this. I like some of what I see, but my overall enthusiasm has waned some. ???
  6. michael6745

    Your thoughts on the current state of the Crucible. (keep it civil please)

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Crucible. please keep all comments civil.
  7. michael6745

    New Hobby

    My new hobby just arrived... A fishing kayak. A Vibe Sea Ghost 130. Mostly for exercise as I don't fish, but I may start...
  8. michael6745

    The Dawning 2020

    What is everyone's thoughts about the Dawning this year? I haven't been able to play as much as I usually do, so It's kind of meh to me.
  9. michael6745


    Well. I had to reregister and my old account is completely gone. All the posts are gone. *Sigh*