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Forum Rules

Be welcoming!
Remember when you were the new guy? Remember the good feeling you got when you received all of those welcome messages? Please be sure to let other members know they're cared about by welcoming them into the community as well.

Be nice and respectful to each other.
Insults will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member, please message Noles.

Use a title that describes the content of your post.
Give us an insight into what we'll be reading.

Rankings and Groups
Ranks on the forum are determined by your post count.

These are the Starter Member ranks. They have access to all standard forums, and may post and participate as all members can.

New Blood :: 0
Posted Image

Recruit :: 10
Posted Image

Apprentice :: 50
Posted Image

These are the Commissioned Member ranks. They have access to the PD Archives (a composite of old posts from the forum), the ability to edit their user title, profile background, and have a bold username.

Forum Sergent :: 60
Posted Image

Forum Lieutenant :: 150
Posted Image

Forum Captain :: 400
Posted Image

Forum Major :: 750
Posted Image

These are the Heroic Member ranks - the truly dedicated members. Users in this group receive a toolkit they can use to archive and lock any of their own posts or threads, and have similar benefits as Posted ImageHero's. They are denoted on the forum view with a white bold username.

Forum Commander :: 1000
Posted Image

Forum Colonel :: 1500
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Forum Brigadier :: 2000
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Forum General :: 3000
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Heroic Member :: 5000
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Finally, there is a paid rank, for people who have supported the forum by upgrading their account.

Forum Supporter (Hero) :: Starting at $3
Shown as: Posted ImageUsername
Custom user rank + special forum privileges.