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We have heard polls and comments on what your character is going to be but what is his back story? Who is he? Where is he from? Why is he a guardian? What gives him his strength? My Human warlock- Dapo3t sat at his station on the moon meticulusly avoiding the mundane. He was here to be studied even though he was a scienctist himself... How did he get these powers? Where did the traveler come from. What must come of this? He allowed his mind to drift amongst these questions in his office cubicle. He hear the slow drum of the ore mines in the atmosperelic distance... "theres my poetic whims!" Shira, an awoken, and our main characters muse,wife{not yet}, and livilhood surprised! Stunned he felt back into her. She giggled. Oh her laugh! how soothing how momentos! He began a new daily ritual of winning her heart. "My dearest you are the everest in which i climb and never rest will you mar-" this momentous and romantic climb was silenced by a pound "go on?" she coaxed "oh yes, will-" another pound louder than before! aton of hive flooded in from an adjacent room to be continued...

Sierra 777

Sierra 777

Huh.. a RP thing, sure why not.. I heard the distant echo of voices coming from the back of my mind; I saw only darkness, my heart full of emptiness. Then A light appeared, bright, brighter then the sun appeared and I was nearly blinded by it. Then the light became blue, The voices became louder and closer. Then I realized the light was some sort of room, metallic in its surface. "Recovery of memory 92% complete," said a computers voice. "mind binding at 97% complete." it continued. Several minutes passed before I was awakened by that same voice. "Mind binding at 100% complete, body binding at 100% complete..... Assimilation Complete. Then a sharp pain throbbed my brain.. It was like hundreds of spiked needles piercing my brain from all directions. My Eyesight blurred and my hearing ringed. When I recovered I notice my self in a room full of 4 scientists wearing strange gear, and some machine standing before me. But no it was not a machine I was looking at.. To my horror I realized it was a mirror. And that machine... Was me.. Suddenly a scientist approached me and began to speak. "Welcome to the future agent 777." he replied in a pleasant tone. "Where am I?" I demanded. "what is this place, who are you!" "Calm down Wardon," replied a nurse. "you've been though quiet the ordeal back in the 22nd century." They knew, some how they knew I was a 7th Column Time Wardon. But how? It was impossible to tell Wardons from normal soldiers? "Why am I here? Where is my Damn Body!" I protested. "You are here in the last city of free earth in the 28th century." the male scientist replied. The 28th century? But that's impossible, our time equipment couldn't go anywhere past the present. Unless.. "Why... why am I in this mechanical body?" "It is a mk 3 Exo Titan Class robot. Equipped with the most advance weaponry and technology known and not known to Man." he replied. "Your former body was.. Destroyed. All burnt up from the explosion.. But your brain was intact. So we stored it away for a time when we needed you most." I felt on my back and found a assortment of Heavy Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers, as well as my old trusty Magnum. "Why did you bring me back." I replied. Then a old man with ribbons and medals approached me. "Because son, The BOB's Have returned." Impossible. I destroyed the invasion ship around the rings of Saturn. "They have already been sending there Vex Time Bots." "As well as re-releasing the P'hor plague." "I know you've stopped this plague back in the 21st century, now we need your expertise again." Un-Sheathing my Gun I replied. "Where do I start.." To be Continued......



(continued for my last post)


The dead orbit instalation on the moon was created out of the idea that we can study the traveler form afar. I ws brought in mainly as a co-opted scientist to do some calculations on hoiw the object affects other creatures. How i got my powers, in fact that is why the other scientist wanted me here.

When they would ask for small demonstrations of me throwing whiskey bottles with out ever touching them, i suspected that as a drunkards bet not even realising the cameras on me.
Soon a bottle turned to a barrel to a dumpster and once when they got me really hammered a bullet.

One of their guardian scoffed at me saying im weak excuse of flesh. He was some titan. Jakar I believe his name was.
He would always push my edge while he was on guard duty. Now me being completely obliterately drunk i began to focus on one thing. Putting that bullet between his eyes.

Cue me stumbling into the arena room, drunk lazy eyed and lost, Cue Jakar walking in proud prominent, arrogant! Cue the cameras, cue the wait for the tone, Cue me having a swig, cue the shot.

The bullet, the whiskey, life, moved ever so slowly, I could see myself just push it ever so slitely back down the barrel, against the chamber.

BANG!Jakars revolver exploded in his hand!
"You little-" he screamed and charged at me
"ah-ah ah," I said wagging my finger, this intimidated him to stop.

CUE the proud stumble back to my chambers with the intern I would come to know as Shira.

(end flash back)

Dapo3t now focused and pushed the infected back!
Jakar brought them back for some study from a raid. These filthy abominations seemed so terrible, but study showed they to would calm at images of the traveler.

Where was Jakar? he was supposed to be guarding them!

Dapo3t ran away from the ugly forms with shira In tow. Where to go? Where to go? he took off toward the emergency locker to find more hive tormenting a fellow professor! Damn! Dapo3t cut down the hallway he saw the elevator that lead to escape pods! BOOM
Fire everywhere!
"we have to go trust me!"he called throwing shira acros the flames. He jumped and landed amazingly unscathed by the heat. Now the elevator. Someone tripped the emergency alerts at some point.

"ELEVATORS IN LOCK DOWN FOLLOW LIT EMERGENCY PATH" the calm male mettalic voice persuaded, the lights lead back threw the growing flames.
"wrong way you asshole!" dapo3t cried
"out of the way" the awoken pushed. she broke the control panel off with an axe kick," ibelieve i can overide the lock down"
she did,
the elevator opened!
"Hold on im setting off a distress beacon too" she starts fiddling a bit more.
Rschhhhhhh! a cry of hive signaled that they were nearing. The hive started lumbering in a few at a time. Dapo3t thought of the bullet and focused.Slam! Dapo3t smacked them one by one against the wall.
"Now would be nice" he yelled!
"you said the same thing first night we met hahahah" the awoken joked
"i'm serious"
"chill the fuck out! do you know how little you can do from a elevator nodule!", she yelled back, and of frustation she punched the nodule! and a green light flickered. bingo!
"Go! Go! Go!" they slammed themselves in ding the elevator began to rise a few floors up.

"We made-" ding the elevator opened to an ampitheater filled with hive
"close close close!"the awoken cried smacking th button. it closed and began to rise to the experimental
"that was close" the dapo3t sighed
ERRRRrrgg... the door pried open a hive grabbed the awoken time slowed, i focused on the arm, and pushed it, it dragged shira wit it down the elevator shaft, icould see her goin, she kissed me and smiled, "yes"

her last words.

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Spartan 1996

Spartan 1996

The only reason I fight is because my largest regret was not having enough money to feed my dog...end of story.



(in the elevator)

He sat for what seemed like ages upon the many other times in an expanse of a 6x4x9 elevator stopped in the dark with red emergency flash being the only thing keeping concous of his continued life.

Why should he continue? why didn't he control his power? why all this silence?

There was no thumping of hive any more, no nodule of activity. Just silence. He wanted there to be noise, some aspect of this is not the end.
he wanted to fight on something wanted him to keep going, but what was there to go back to? With some faint answer inkling in the back of his head they interpreted into survive, Dapo3t stood up and focused on escaping his self made cell.

He saw an emergency hatch above and slammed it open, Whomp! The noise echoed through the shaft. Then came a rumble from below of waking hive, maybe the silence was better. Too late now, Dapo3t saw a door above about twelve feet, with artificial gravity he would never hit that. unless he could use his power...

Thud! Below the hive were trying to push past the elevator!

"shit!" Dapo3t just looked up focused. he could see him self ascending up the shaft, stepping on the low ledge. He relaised he was there!

CRSHHH! no time for celebrating the hive started t force there way past the elevator.
He saw the brakes. He saw the bolt. HE saw it in slow motion, fly across the shaft.

Snap back to reality, a hydrolic hisss and crying hive plummeting down the shaft!

He did it, by no other means than himself.
"pretty good for a science geek" he smiled to himself.

CRUNCH! the door behind him took a hit on the otherside

"Fuck" Dapo3t readied himself CRUNCH, CRUNCH, BANG! The door opened DaPo3t screamed! and was ready to pummel the flock behind the door, but there was none!

just a titan decked out in osiris yellow.

"We got a live one!" he called back, dapo3t nearly passed out.

A hunter came around the corner," get him back to the ship. we gotta clean sweep this place, elevator status"

"Out" Dapo3t replied

"Fine job of surviving, you got what it takes-"

"I know, I'm ready" dapo3t passed by the men the titan followed in toe.

"So hive huh? Nasty things. changes you don't it?" the titan asked

"Depends" Dapo3t was stopped and entranced, he saw Jakar's body he went up to it he saw the revolver, a white heavy caliber. On the side it said "Chosen", he picked it up and cradled it.

"A friend?"

"No, A Choice" said Dapo3t and he was ready.

Thank you for reading totally can't wait for Destiny and await palying with all you! post your epic stories!

Sierra 777

Sierra 777

The only reason I fight is because my largest regret was not having enough money to feed my dog...end of story.

Sounds like the plot for DOOM. lol "Some one killed your pet bunny, now you seek revenge"