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Raids, does anyone do them?

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Hi all,


I'm a D1 beta player and dread to think the amount of hours I soaked into D1. I haven't checked and I'm not going to!


I used to play with a clan who sadly no longer exist as most moved from X1 onto PC but have many cherished memories of VoG and Crota's End especially. Figuring all the stuff out for the first time and waiting for it to go live was magical.


I probably stopped playing D1 around the Age of Triumph as real life got busy and unfortunately never cleared Wrath of the Machine, but I was completely content and happy with the journey as a whole.


I picked up D2 shortly after it's release and was initially pretty disappointed, grinding up to Leviathan power but eventually getting bored and found myself far from enamoured with the general lack of content.


I've now picked it back up again after a long period as I had heard that it's in nearly as good as place as it was with Age of Triumph and there is a wealth of content, which I'm delighted to see is the case. With this in mind however there is a great deal to catch up on.


I managed to hit 1012 from 750 in a few days but my question is does anyone still do the old raids? It seems that for Xbox destinylfg.net is completely dead (I'm not sure if this is because people are using the X1 in-console lfg or what) and I've been struggling to find anyone looking for the Leviathan raid, albeit I'm posting right on the reset time.


With Crown of Sorrow and Garden of Salvation in the mixer do people actually bother with Leviathan, Last Wish & Scourge of the Past?


I'm yet to purchase Forsaken or Shadowkeep as I wanted to see how far I could get with my power without them and then see if it's worthwhile. It's still a lot of money considering I bought the original game on release (£40 for Forsaken & Shadowkeep bundle through X1 store) and then with Beyond Light looming at another £50 it's arguably too much.


Long story short, is it worth my while getting Forsaken & Shadowkeep for the raids and exotics? That's primarily what I'm in the game for but I also love my crucible and failing at Trials (although I did go flawless a few times with help in D1!!!).






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The best place to look would be XBOX LFG , but if your on PC I don't know as I play only on XBox , people do the Leviathan and all the other raids all the time , if you were in a clan you may have better luck . As for myself , I really haven't completed a single raid yet ( I did all the D1 raids , Kings Fall once and WOTM Akisis only) once they started putting in all the "mechanics" that was enough for me to say screw it , I just want to shoot , no jump around and put this here but you have to shoot this first while standing here , it's a hard pass. If you like all the mechanics , then you'll love all the D2 raids , I suggest getting a Twitter account there are tons of PC Destiny player on there and most are willing to help !



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Welcome @REWOLF


Not many are doing the old raids. That is one reason why Bungie is going to vault the Leviathan next season.  There is a ton of content in D2 and much of it is not being used.  


I am still trying to complete Prestige Leviathan to complete the final stage of a quest.  My clan does raid every weekend, but we're mostly doing the current raid.  But at times we do as many as we can.  We're actually doing all D1 raids on Sunday for a charity stream. 


But yes, it's harder to find people doing the old raids, mostly because the loot you get is useless after this season since it's capped at PL 1060.