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Potential Raid Partners?

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Hi guys! Been a Destiny player since D1 beta (PSN gamer tag justcrash73). I am a decent player, I play a lot of solo stuff. My "clan" is basically my gf and her 11 year old. They are less than casual players compared to me.


I've not done a raid since Crota, believe it or not. Even though I should have a "baked in" 3 person fireteam, that does not happen.


I am hoping to find some casual players with decent senses of humor that can help me out and learn the ropes of end game content. One of the reasons I stopped playing with guys in the past was, "Hey, we are going to raid at 6PM EST" and I would be like, yup, pencil me in.


Then one of two things would happen... they would either bump me for someone with experience or whatever meta combo was hot, or, more often than not, I'd get on at 6, for something we planned all week, to still be sitting in orbit at 9PM because no one has their stuff together and I end up having to leave.


Anyway, if anyone is up to playing with me, just respond or hmu on PSN.


Details: 46 year old male, father of four. One of my sons is disabled, one is 11, one is in the Air Force and my daughter is 15. I respect all cultures (save for any rape/pedophilia crap) and lifestyles. We don't toss around the R word, but other than that, dirty words and saucy language is the bee's knees with me. I like to joke a lot and I am NOT a professional gamer.



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Welcome Guardian , I haven't done any of the Destiny 2 raids yet myself (go figure , I been playing since D1 day 1) . if you ever want t o do anything I have a couple guys from work who I play with (most are younger ) I'm a little older then you and Destiny is the only game I play anymore feel free to hit me up on XBox ,my GT is vipertec05