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Crucible Brutal

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Is it me or that crucible and iron banner have got really brutal recently.


I am not the best at pvp but i use to rack up a good 15 to 21 kills.


I now really struggle to get consistent..  Maybe its me getting bad or my loadout.



this isnt a moan but a interesting observation.



Any thoughts?



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I was about to post the same thing.  I think with the plethora of new games, the general population of Destiny has diminished some.  It's taking me longer to match make and QP is brutal.


I am on my final reset for the Broadsword I played 16 games of QP, won 2.  I switched over to Comptetive.  I played 8 games and won 6.  Go figure...


Switched back to QP and lost three in a row.


I've been coming across full 6 stacks that are just good.  

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interesting so I wasnt dreaming.  


I do see lots of 600's wreching it in there.


Banner you expect to be leveledbut standard should be more open.


its all good practice.


I do enjoy gambit alot as you have to focus as a team.