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Destiny 2 - Forsaken (3 week check in)

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Well, three weeks of D2F have come and gone.  I said during the first week that D2F is amazing, but we're still in the honeymoon stage.  As the honeymoon stage wanes, I wanted to give my impressions about the the state of the game.


I am still finding the game amazing.  Sure, there are many things I'd like to see tweaked, which I will go into detail below.  But the overall gaming experience keeps me wanting to come back.  There is so much to do weekly to get Powerful engrams, I don't feel I have enough time.  I feel that the amount of time I spend doing the weekly bounties, milestones, challenges is well rewarded with the powerful engrams.  If you do all the yellow dots in the director, you can progress well.  


I am finding after three weeks I still feel that D2F has more for me to do.  I haven't had that kid in a candy store feeling about a game in a long time.  Now, today we get a new crucible mode, new maps.  In October we get Festival of the Lost, and December we get the first DLC of the annual pass.  So much to do.


Now for my more detailed thoughts.

  • Prime Engrams
    • I think these are a good addition.  It's a daily high powered reward for playing the game.  Mine usually decrypt into an Edge Transit, but the idea of this is sound.  I find it fun to see that purple engram with the light beams fall during an activity, or if I am playing the Crucible all day it will be in my postmaster.  But it is always at a high light level that I currently am, so I am always excited to see what it's going to be.  Then 
  • Gambit
    • This is the new game mode developed by Bungie and I don't think this mode would work with any other game.  The PvE and PvP aspects of Destiny make this mode very unique.  I find it fun and frustrating playing this game.  I usually solo my Gambit matches.  Sometimes I get a good blueberry team.  Other times I wonder how people can be more inept in a game than myself.  I find the game fun, but I have to be in the mood for it.  Since you have to worry about invaders, i can't just mindlessly kill things.  There are some tweaks to the game I think need to be done.  But Bungie has said the game will be evolving, so we'll see what happens.
  • Iron Banner
    • In Destiny 1, Iron Banner was my favorite activity.  I'd leave work every day of Iron Banner week just to log on and play.  Then I would play until midnight.  The IB armor was amazing, the game play was amazing.  I had a chance to get high light gear.  Destiny 2 Iron Banner lost that stigma for me.  I usually logged on, played enough matches to get the daily challenges done and then I'd go do something else.  I was hoping that year 2 Iron Banner was going to bring back some of that mystique, but it didn't. 
    • Day 1 all the tryhards were on.  Games were not fun.  My power level was 519 or below and I was getting stomped by 540s.  Plus they were just good.  But I still played.  I worked the weekly powerful engrams and got myself up in power level and started doing better.  
    • Just like with all Iron Banners, as the week progresses, I got match made with people more in my skill level and I started enjoying the game more.  
    • I would have like to have seen daily bounties with the Iron Banner as well as the weekly.  I feel sorry for the casual, as the weekly powerful engram bounties were a tough grind.  It took me most of the week the get them all completed.
  • Crucible
    • I am enjoying the state of the crucible.  It took me a week to get my feet under me with the new TTK and the changes to weapon slots. Plus the new weapons, trying to find which ones I liked to use out of the new stuff.  I'm finding my way through it and doing well.  I definitely had to change my play style for the new TTK.  I used to run with my SMG and and shred anyone coming at me.  Now I have to back off as the shotguns are just... wow... I found a sidearm, the Smuggler's Word that I am loving.  I used to be a Scout/Sidearm guardian in D1.  I'm slowly returning to the the sidearm with the Smuggler's Word.  
  • Strikes
    • I like the new Strike system and the daily heroic story missions.  I still only play enough to get the weekly milestone done, but find that easy to get done and not a chore.  I also love the new strikes.  They are well designed.
  • Clan
    • I've liked the Clan system, but I think they changed it too much for D2F.  I don't like that you only have 3 bounties that really count towards clan score.  I think anything you do, especially with a clan mate should give you clan points.  
  • Infusion
    • I like and hate the new infusion system.  I like the fact that it's expensive. It makes you think about your choice to infuse.  I don't like that infusion takes master cores.  I could see it if my item was master worked, but just a standard legendary takes 3 mc to infuse is just ridiculous.  Especially since there is no avenue to get master cores outside of buying them from Spider at an exorbitant amount. 
      • Maybe have some of the bounties award 1 or 2 master cores?
    • I have read that they are looking at this, so hopefully they'll come up with something one way or the other.
  • Updates
    • In the first three weeks of D2F, Bungie has made several updates.  I should know the count, but I don't want to go look it up. I remember in D1, we'd go months with a known issue before an update was even discussed.  This makes me excited that the game will stay up to date more often.
  • Bounties/Milestones/Challenges
    • I like the new bounty system.  I do wish that the UI had a more organized way of displaying the bounties.  I'll have 6 Petra bounties, but since I got them at different times, they are all over the place and its cumbersome to pick them out of the plethora of bounties.
    • I... need to come up with a system for the bounties.  There are times I forget, I need to go to Hawthorne for the Clan bounties, then Shaxx for Crucible bounties, etc.  I just haven't found my groove with them yet.
  • Exotics
    • I've only gotten one exotic engram to drop in the open world and it decryted to a Year 1 chest piece.  I've gotten Crimson to drop twice in game as rewards. I've gotten the Ace of Spade from the quest, the Lord of Wolves from the Spider Bounty and I got the Queen's Breaker Bow from something.  Beyond that, what's an exotic?  I like that they're hard to come by. I would prefer that the in game drops were weighted more towards Y2 gear, but so far, I'm good with the way it is. They are rare, so that means when I get a new one, I'll be excited.

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Nicely written, well thought out. I agree with some of the points you made. I remember when D2 came out that you could just load into an activity, see what the daily tasks were by pulling up your ghost and see what needs to be done. Now you have to go to the tower and see the particular vendors and then maybe even go to Davrim, Hawthorne, Asher etc and pick up planetary bounties. I know it adds about 10 mins or so but still time consuming. As much as it is a pain in the butt to get Sleepered or sniped, I really enjoy Gambit. It's a unique game mode when compared to other games that have pvp aspects and shows that Bungie can think outside the box when it comes to Destiny. Kudos. The big thing I have been disappointed with so far has been this weeks IB. In the past, you could always count on increasing  your light level a few points just by participating. However, the bounties were pretty impossible for me to complete and although I would get the daily IB activity done, when turning in tokens, weapons and armor were well below my LL. Major disappointment there. 

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Well put Michael !!