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Crucible Labs Scorched

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I was wondering what everyone thought of the new test mode Scorched , I thought it was fun , the only problem I had is , if someone was a little out of range when I took a shot , and missed , they would get me before I corrected and get a second shot off . 



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While Scorched was certainly fun, I feel as though it would be out of place as a legitimate Crucible mode. My experience was a bit inconsistent too, as the travel time of each shot was sometimes difficilt for me to account for.
That said, I think that Scorch Cannons could definitely appear as timed drops in a mode like Mayhem, similar to the way Power Ammo works.



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I played about 6 games.  Maybe 4.I can't remember.  I enjoyed it. But I got tired of jumping jumping jumping jumping.  Oh and the jumping jumping and the jumping.


Other than that, it was fun.