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Destiny Clan Warfare

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This is a pretty fun activity.  We've been doing it the past few weeks.  They do different activities and the clans try to score as much as possible.


One week was The Iron Banner.  My clan crushed it.

There was story mission where you had to run story missions, ikora meditations or Mercury Adventures.  

The last one that just ended was Quickplay


There are modifiers on the scoring


In the quickplay the modifiers were


Get 50 points for each double down

Get 150 points for shutting down a kill streak

Get a 10% point for killing with a rare blue weapon, lose 10% when killing with anything else.


Last night I challenged myself.  I had the PSI Cirrus II Pulse Rifle and the Sand Wasp-3AU blues in my vault for some reason.  I pulled them out.


I play four games with them.  My blueberry team lost all four games.  The scores were very close on all games.  But I was to scorer on my team in 3 of those games and 2nd in one of them.  WITH BLUE WEAPONS!!!


I actually had fun trying the blues weapons out.  Then I came across a stacked team and well, I switched back as we were getting stomped.  


You should see about setting your clan up in this as it is fun.



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Sounds Interesting, what console are you on?. 



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I'm on PS4