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State of Destiny 2 and Trials

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A quick question.


If Bungie left the weapon system as is, but changed the sandbox and brought back Elimination as a game mode for Trials, do you think that would bring many of the Trials players back?


If not, why not?


What do you think would bring them back?  Weapons system changes (snipers and shotguns as energy weapons) go back to D1 style?  etc.

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At this point i think that everyone that is done with the game is gone for good, there is too many games out there that appeal to the crucible entusiast.

now on the other hand, for those that still play i think bringing back 3vs3 will make it easier for everyone to jump in.

as for the sandbox changes, sure they are fundamental to at least keep the game relevant.

as for briging everyone back i think i will need more, a really good DLC ( ala taken king) plus all the updates we have here and there in the coming months.



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I would go out on a limb and say that bringing back 3v3 and elimination with D1 style weapon systems (snipers and shotty's as a special and RL/machine guns as heavy) would go a long ways in getting people back.  That alone would draw some back with no other changes.  It would be a huge step in making Trials relevant again.  I never got into Trials much until Y3, not that I was that good, but I wanted to play it to get better.  I didn't expect to go flawless every week but I like to think that I got a whole lot better.  Just my 2 cents but I would be more tempted to come back if they just changed the things you mentioned....