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Midnight Coup

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Is a Legendary Hand Cannon only available via the Leviathan raid.  I got it a couple of weeks ago just after they made the change that it can drop at any point in the raid rather than at the end.  To top it off, it was a Masterworks version of it as well.


I've read a few reviews and decided I wanted to try it out in the Crucible. It's not that great of a PvE weapon in my opinion.


I've not used hand cannons in the Crucible much as they are not in a great place on consoles right now.  But I'm trying to play outside of the meta.  I love my Better Devils in PvE though.  It doesn't do well for me in PvP.  But the Midnight Coup is a slightly faster rate of fire than the Better Devils and I actually did pretty well with it.  I ran 19 Crucible games yesterday, and had 66 kills.  Some games I just got powned badly.  But some games I had 7 and 8 kills with it.  


The range is not great, but for mid to short engagements it's great.  There were times I got a precision kill and wondered how did I get that. Other times I had my opponent down to one shot and then couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  So bloom is a factor.


I'm hoping with the upcoming sandbox changes, that Hand Cannons see a little love and become "crispy" as they've been described on PC.

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