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Destiny Exotic Ideas #9: The 3rd Dimension

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Been awhile since I've done one of these. Figured I'd give it another shot.


The 3rd Dimension (Energy Trace Rifle)
Now you see me… and now YOU see me… and when the dust settles, not even the Darkness itself can see me anymore.
Ascendant Realm (Intrinsic): Firing this weapon within a concentrated radius creates a portal within that area that lasts for 6 seconds, and has a chance to grant an Orb of Light for your allies when it disappears. If a second portal is active, travelling through one portal will teleport you to that location.
Light-Years (Trait): Enemies standing in proximity to the portals that you create have their vision distorted.
Rounds Per Minute: 1000
Impact: 6
Range: 100
Stability: 50
Reload Speed: 5
Handling: 32
Aim Assistance: 100
Recoil Direction: 100
Zoom: 16
Magazine Size: 88
Void Damage