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I Need Help Badly

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What the best Armor type and mods to use on each Armor Peaces for Raid build for Gunslinger Hunter...Ill assume Srurvivalist but what best mods to use on each armor n btw im use Nighthawk as exoric...



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hey man!

a fellow hunter here, and , to be honest, the way the game is designed, the optimal build would be something that gets you high recovery and resistance, as hunters dont need that much mobility.

now speaking about perks, anything that helps to get your super and grenade ASP, golden gun is an amazing tool, specially on boss fights, so anything that helps to get that super back sooner is welcome.

if you are using autorifles i would consider a recoil mod for energy weapons in some slot, this will also help you with DPS cause the recoil help will assist on getting yout crits out more often.

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^^^^ That.



I have a mish-mash of armor that I run.  The Dawning helmet and cloak, Trials chest and arms.  All these have restorative perks.  I run orphius rig for the legs.  My mods are all for getting my void abilities back and energy/kinetic weapon stabilization perks.  There really isn't a perfect build for this Raid. This raid is very forgiving compared to WoTM.  


For weapons, I run Better Devils and Uriels Gift for most of the raid.  Then change to Coldheart for Calus.

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