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Rituals could be the thing that saves D2

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The general day to day lack of power grind and lack of endgame rewards in D2 makes the grind so bland that for many people these updates promised by Bungie's new year blog going forward has lead to comments like " too little too late " and "see you in nine months time".

My view is I will probably dip in and out to see what has changed but only a big "Taken King"  like expansion would bring me back, and that could be over a year away.


So I was thinking Rituals(faction rally/Iron banner) could be the context for me and for many others to dip in and out of the game and see what's changed, but the current ritual events need major improvements to make them a week of fun and frolic's.


IRON BANNER   :- power grind event


They are bringing back 6v6 but how are they going to implement this into the current quickplay/competitive play list?

How about make it an Iron Banner only event!

I know we want 6v6 in the regular playlist but if it was just in the Iron banner they will be giving us what we need rather than what we want in creating a context to keep coming back every few weeks.

Add to that enable power leveling in matches to increase time to kill, higher power level gear drops and new weapons with ever so slightly faster times to kill along with cool looking armour with masterwork perks on them.


FACTION RALLY  :- cosmetic event


When I first heard about faction rally I was excited to hear Bungies plans but what we got was go into loot cave shoot some boxes or go stand in a circle and shoot some bad guys for 5mins snooze fest.


BRING BACK SRL! My god if any activited could have been made for Faction Rally it's this!

We need a crucible event for faction rally and how easy would it be to give faction tokens for coming 1st 2nd and 3rd

You wouldnt even have to balance each match with two people from each faction because imagine this.

the match launches from orbit and you see the emblems of who's in each faction , before the race starts you see a lineup where everyone wants to wear their faction gear with faction shaders and a have faction sparrow to show off thier allegiance ,imagine that ,a gear set with no perks on and not an exotic armour piece insight in an actual activity being desirable are you reading Bungie(nope)


the line-up shows 4 FWC players and 1 from new monachy and 1 from dead orbit the race starts and the dead orbit guy jumps ahead chased by the pack, will the FWC crew work together or will it be everyman for themselves?

The new Monachy guy gets knocked around and struggles to stay on the map but dead orbit is pulling further ahead.

FWC decide to knuckdown and work together but this guy infront is not making any mistakes, FWC gives a teamate a bump from behind to give him a boost but "shit sorry" they both go wide and the new monachy guy moves into second...... lap2 (next poster continues story)



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I wouldn't mind if IB was 6v6 , I don't really care much for the Faction rallies , but it is what it is , instead of staying with one Faction I've changing to try and get the weapon I want . 

  I would like to see Mayhem more often , but they are only going to put it in for special events (Iron Banner maybe ??) we will see !! 



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I agree that some of those things could make the game more enjoyable but Sparrow racing was only fun (for me) for about 3 or 4 days.  They only had 2 maps and there can only be so much "fun" to be had.  The faction rallies are underwhelming to say the least.  I would have liked to pledge to one faction and after ranking up I got a package/engram to open.  It was a good system in D1 but with static rolls, after 10 packages you would have everything and it would be shards from then on out. 


Iron Banner was a blast in D1.  It brought basically everyone from our clan back and at any given time we would have 2-5 full 6 man teams running all week.  The rewards were better and the "fun-ness" was better.  I don't see them changing course to bring back 6v6 for IB but I could be wrong. 


I quit playing before they incorporated MasterWork weapons so I don't have to much of an opinion about it other than it wasn't something that would interest me at all.  If they just made random rolls on guns you wouldn't need MasterWork.  IMO it was a change that didn't make any sense.  I would be less critical of D2 if they had random rolls, I would prolly be playing daily if there were things to chase after. 


It's interesting where they are taking this game but it should eventually go back to where D1 was when this game was released.  To me that is the only way to actually make the game better.  *In my opinion*