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Just got Destiny 2 as a gift from my grandson

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Fellow Guardians, hope you accept us old-timers in your circles here 1f642.png I just joined the Destiny sensation after my grandson showcased how ''freakin' awesome'' the game is. So far I've been told to ''grow up'' several times and also I'm supposed to hate Eververse? 1f642.pngPS: I'd like to extend an invitation to become friends on Facebook with anyone who's actively playing these days.


This is my second attempt to find other players online. So far it's mostly been pleasant. It's incredible actually (to me at least), I found a few people on social networks (I never met these people before in my life!) and we connected and started playing within an hour!!! 


Anyways, anyone wanting to join a grandpa in a session every now and then please add me on https://www.facebook...m/mack.burks.1 


Message to Head Admin: Can I use my Facebook hyperlink in these forums? 


Thanks everyone.

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Welcome. If you are enjoying the game ignore the negative parts of the community, and form your own opinions. Not sure what platform you play on, but you can set it up in these forums to show it in your profile if you're interested. I play on PS4. Can't guarantee I could always show you a good time, but if you're on PS4 you can add str8upnobs . Just say something in the message so I remember who it is sending the request.


Btw, that facebook link doesn't send people to your profile. Or at least it didn't for me.



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Welcome to the forums Mack! There are always going to be people that won't be satisfied with everything, but again, take time to form your own opinion. And personally, I think it's awesome that older people are picking up D2! Again, welcome! We'll do our best to make you feel like a part of the community.



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Welcome Guardian  ! 



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welcome pal