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Crucible Maps

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I don't know if I like the Osiris Quickplay game mode when it comes to the maps.  Since I'm on PS4, there are only 4 maps in that playmode.  Distant Shores, Pacifica (PS4 Exclusive), Wormhaven and Fields of Glass.


I feel for the xboxers and PC folks who only have three in that mode.  Why can't they mix the rest of the maps in here as well?  I'm tired of playing these same four maps.  I go do the original Quickplay and the very first map... Distant Shores. *SMH*


I'm not big on the PS exclusive thing, so it sucks Pacifica is not available to everyone. It is a fun map..  



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I think that it is actually possible to play Pacifica, Wormhaven and Fields of Glass in the regular Quickplay and Competitive playlists, assuming that everyone in queue has COO.
They're all pretty good maps though. Pacifica is probably my least favourite, but I really enjoy Wormhaven and Fields of Glass in particular. I'm so glad they made a map on Golden Age Mercury!