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Curse of Osiris - First Impressions

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After a week or so, I'm about ready to say my piece on D2's first expansion.


Let's address the elephant in the room first. No, Curse of Osiris did not fix Destiny 2. It missed that mark completely. That was to be expected though, as this particular expansion was in development at the same time as the base game itself. To have anticipated massive world changes arriving with this installment would've been hoping a bit much, though the sandbox changes delivered alongside COO helped to improve the game just a bit. Pulse Grenades were nerfed, Hammer of Sol was buffed, Dodge was buffed, Golden Gun was buffed, Shadowshot was buffed, and more (I'M GOING TO KEEP BASHING DAWNBLADE UNTIL SOMETHING GETS DONE THOUGH, DO YOU HEAR ME BUNGO?!). The expansion requires the same fixes as D2 does on a whole: not more content, but a reason and a motivation to play said content.


Now, the story. OH, THE STORY. Curse of Osiris tells one of Destiny's most interesting stories in a while. Not only do we get to meet a character who's been a fabled part of the lore for years, but we also finally begin to get the recognition we've wanted to see each of our Guardians get for years. Ikora begins to refer to us as a 'friend', and even Osiris says that with us protecting the city, we may have a future. The story also slightly plays on your Guardian's relationship with your Ghost: it's brief, but it's there.


Moving on, Panoptes. A five-word summary, coming straight from the first time I saw the Infinite Mind: WHAT THE HELL IS THAT.

While Panoptes doesn't have the same presence as Oryx or Ghaul, its appearance alone makes it one of the best villains we've ever had for Destiny. I'm sure we were all expecting a simple Hydra or Minotaur to take the spotlight, but Panoptes is something different entirely. The boss fight itself is more interesting than Ghaul's fight at the end of Destiny 2. While that battle excels visually and contextually, it's a very easy and boring fight. However, while the final fight against Panotpes may be easy, it at least has some interesting mechanics to make it a more engaging one.


The Exotics? Nothing to complain about! Initially, I wasn't a fan of Crimson, since it seemed like a complete rewrite of Red Death, as if they couldn't co-exist in the same universe. However, reading the lore tabs, Crimson starts to feel more like an extension of Red Death's story, rather than a total wipe-over.


The characters were all good. Osiris: a character from the lore we all wanted to see for ages, with a fleshed out personality and a noticeable presence. Ikora: perhaps my favourite Vanguard member in Destiny 2 finally completing her character arc. Sagira: a fun replacement for our own Ghosts for a little while. Brother Vance: LOL.


I haven't played the Raid, but I have heard that it is actually very good. The community's wanted another Vex Raid for a while now and we've finally gotten it. The description I've been given is, "a shorter Wrath of the Machine".


Likewise, I can't say anything on the weapon forging system so far. I haven't gotten to that part yet, but at least it's a step closer to actual weapon forging.


The Infinite Forest... ugh, skip. It would've been fine, if it weren't for the fact that YOU NEEDED TO GO THROUGH IT EVERY TIME YOU DID ANYTHING IN COO, ADDING APPROXIMATELY FIVE MINUTES MORE TO EVERY PLAY-SESSION FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. That's all I'll say on that.


I'll revisit this soon, but for now... I think about a 7/10 is appropriate. What do you guys think?


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Played the first couple missions with my girlfriend and then we stopped to play the new Monster Hunter World beta. I'm sure we'll go back and finish the CoO campaign someday. CoO is still too much D2, and not enough D1 for us. But like Kingdomville said, can't expect Bungie to make all those changes right away. Hope Bungie decides to eventually implement many of the changes the vast majority of the community is asking for to rekindle the spark and my love of Destiny. Unfortunately for now D2 continues to fall out of my lineup.

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I liked the CoO campaign better then the Red Legion campaign ! 

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