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Sony and Microsoft to offer refund for Destiny 2 thanks to CoO DLC paywall

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For players that have not purchased the Curse of Osiris DLC, you are entitled to a full refund for the purchase of Destiny 2 since the CoO DLC moved the ability to complete vanilla Destiny 2 behind a paywall.


From today's top Reddit post....


Well thanks to their utter stupidity Bungie moved an achievement behind a paywall.

This achievement is on record with Microsoft and Sony as being in the vanilla game! It can't be achieved now without paying for the optional DLC. Yep the prestige achievement has been locked behind the paywall! Your base game is now officially not able to be completed and you can get a refund. Took me just 20 minutes and some back and forth-ing as neither Sony nor Microsoft were aware Bungie did this!


You don't have to even try too hard just make sure the assistant at the other end understands that you can't get all the achievements and thus can't Platinum (Sony) and 100% (Microsoft) the game as it stands. Don't lie though. You don't need to as you and everyone else including S and M will not have known this was going to happen.



The ability to receive a refund due to the DLC paywall has been confirmed by a huge number of Reddit Destiny players.



Reddit link: https://www.reddit.c...urchase_thanks/

Thanks to original Reddit poster: CmoSwitch



Additional info about the CoO DLC paywall on these Gamer Websites:


(IGN) http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/12/07/destiny-2-some-endgame-content-now-dlc-locked?abthid=5a2948be5de6db4a0a000016


(N4G) http://n4g.com/news/...-leviathan-raid


(GameRevolution) http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/358971-destiny-2-forces-players-buy-curse-osiris-prestige-leviathan-raid


(Digital Trends) https://www.digitalt...ontent-paywall/


(Kotaku) https://www.kotaku.c...ked-behind-dlc/


(US Gamer) http://www.usgamer.n...curse-of-osiris

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Dang it.  So if we were stupid and bought the DLC's in advance there is no returns?  That sucks for me but great for those of you who didn't buy the DLC. 


If I remember correctly wasn't the Platinum Trophy for D1 achievable without buying the DLC?  Then each DLC was its own achievements for trophies?  I could be wrong.  I got the Platinum but also purchased the DLC's.  Didn't know if this was a new thing or business as usual for Bungie.


I didn't download the DLC even after I've already paid for it.  I would play D1 before I would D2 at this point. 

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figures I don't see this till after I download and play CoO !!