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HOW TO DUO ALL 9 EXOTIC RAID CHESTS!! - Destiny 2 Guides - Ep. 2

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the extreme delay in uploading a video, but here is my latest video on my Destiny 2 guide series, but more specifically on how to get ALL 9 EXOTIC raid chests in the Leviathan raid with only TWO PEOPLE! If you play this game you know how difficult it can be to rally everyone up to do the raid chests, especially if you just gassed your whole fireteam during the raid. But now you can knock it all out in less than 30 minutes with only two people using this method! Just follow the step by step guide and you will be flooded to your chest in engrams, glimmer and tokens! If you guys drop enough likes and comments I will drop a video on how to navigate the underbelly to find ALL the chests and an immersive guide on how to get to all 9 locations. Thank you all again for your amazing level of support, it has gotten me to a great level thus far and I am excited to see where we all go from here! Remember to SUBSCRIBE if you haven't done so already and share this around to anyone you think may appreciate it! Thanks again guys and I'll see you in the next one!





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