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My Biggest Problem With Destiny 2 Right Now

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In amongst all the issues going around, I wanted to talk about practically the only problem I have with Destiny 2 right now. And if I'm being honest, it's not really a big deal.


It's not the XP situation. The actual meat of the topic isn't a big deal, it was just Bungie's lack of communication that really made that controversial. Business is business, sure, but don't try and hide anything from your community. There wasn't even a good reason to keep it hidden. But that's not what we're talking about.


It's not a lack of content. I know I've still got a mountain of stuff to do in D2: Adventures to complete, a Strike to play, the Leviathan, Trials of the Nine, and a clan to join. And even after finishing all of that, I'd still stick around. New content isn't the first priority (though it is important).


It's not even the subject of fixed weapon rolls. As a matter of fact, I support this decision wholeheartedly. What would you rather do? Grind your butt of for weeks, or even months, just to get an Eyasluna or Imago Loop with a serviceable perk combination? Or get a Time-Worn Spire as it is? And even if you could attach different mods to different weapons, would you still keep more than one of those Annual Skates?  The casual player doesn't have the time to invest in the grind, and almost every player is unlikely to hold onto duplicates, even if they can make one slightly different from the other.


No. My issue is Dawnblade. Surprise! (Not)

Oh, and a little bit of Sentinel too (Ward of Dawn just needs a dramatic buff. Besides that, Sentinel's fine.)... but mostly Dawnblade.

This simply isn't something I can forget about. Datto made a video about the solar subclasses being somewhat lackluster, and despite the fact that I actually find Sunbreaker pretty appealing, I could not agree more. 


1. Every D1 class had a classic MMO styled function to them. Sure, they could be customised to do similar things, but they all had one of three regular designs mainly in mind: Damage, Tank or Support.


Striker: Tank

Defender: Support

Sunbreaker: Damage

Gunslinger: Damage

Bladedancer: Tank

Nightstalker: Support

Voidwalker: Damage

Sunsinger: Support

Stormcaller: Tank


This has been integrated into Destiny 2 for almost every subclass. Except one!

Can you guess which? Go on... think... I'll give you a moment...

That's right.


Warlocks have no support oriented subclass anymore. Dawnblade has turned into Damage, which forces you to run Stormcaller if you want even a chance at helping your fireteam in that way. And that really isn't the Stormcaller's place.

Dawnblade should have expanded upon the Sunsinger, not rewritten it. Arcstrider still delivers on the Tank front, Sentinel still works as a support subclass, but Dawnblade simply doesn't fulfill the same role.




The idea behind this tree is nice: taking advantage of the skies, raining hellfire from above. But, as Datto brought to my attention, in-air accuracy had specifically been neutered by Bungie to make sure that more skilled players didn't absolutely dominate from in the air.

Oh, what's that? You want to spray and pray while-floating in the air? Since that's what that entire skill-tree is based around? LOL, NOPE, GET PRANKED.

Shooting from in the air is a completely inconsistent experience. Half the time, the most precise, well-lined-up shots won't hit at all. It's a complete coin-flip. So you have a skill-tree devoted to aerial combat... despite the fact that aerial combat is specifically designed not to work very well? Hm... that's a rather... 'adventurous' design decision...

Icarus Dash is the only nice thing about that entire concept. That's it.


3. In every case, you need a piece of exotic gear to enhance your experience as a Dawnblade.


Stormcaller and Voidwalker are interesting and effective enough on their own, but Dawnblade demands that you use a piece of the Subclass-specific Armour pieces to get anything workable out of it. And only one of them is any good!

Wings of Sacred Dawn: Impractical, considering everything we just discussed previously.

Sunbracers: Yeah okay, they're cool.

Starfire Protocol: Cool concept... kinda poor execution.

Dawnblade needs to be made interesting by itself to have any sort of attraction. Voidwalkers have Devour! Stormcaller's have Arc Souls! Give me one exciting thing about Dawnblade. Nothing? Yep. Didn't think so.


I don't hate Dawnblade, I just want to stop feeling like I'm handicapping myself when I'm using it! I'm hoping this is something Bungie will address soon.


Too long? Didn't read? Well... yeah, I can't really help you with that.





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I have to admit , I didn't read all of your post , too much to read before a full cup of coffee , but I did skim thru it , I haven't been using the Dawnblade all that much , I did however give it another go last night while helping a friend with the Mida quest (he's till too low to do it himself) and found that the Dawnblade put the Ultra Captains down pretty quick , so it works for me anything to get rid of those PITA  quick is ok in my book ! Just in case your wonder PITA stands for : pain in the ass !

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Like Viper I haven't read in depth what you wrote.  But I agree with much of it.


Content is definitely not the issue. The issue is replay-ability.  Why should I come back and play that strike again. 


We'll see what they say on today's stream as to how this might be fixed.  

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