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Third Skill-Trees for Every Subclass

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So, feeling rather underwhelmed with the lack of customisation when it came to the subclasses for Destiny 2, I've come up with some alternate Codes, Ways and Attunements for every one. Some of them were a little difficult to design, but I think they turned out alright (also credit goes to DefiantMars for most of the Dawnblade one). Here's what I've got:




Code of the Trenchrunner:

·        Havoc Charge - Strike an enemy with this melee ability for a short boost to Mobility and a chance to immediately generate an orb of light for you and your allies.

·        Overload - Hits with Havoc Charge have a chance to immediately reset your melee, grenade and class ability cooldowns.

·        Headstrong - Sprint faster and jump higher, and sprinting increases the leap distance of Fists of Havoc.

·        Death from Above – After jumping, Fists of Havoc can be aimed at enemies below.




Code of the Mediator:

·        Iron Harvest – Use your melee ability to gain a brief damage bonus for your Kinetic and Energy weapons.

·        Heads Down – Magnetic Grenade tracks targets on initial grenade throw, Voidwall Grenade covers a larger area, and Suppressor Grenade suppresses enemies longer.

·        Illuminated – Gain an additional melee charge. Ability kills while Iron Harvest is active change the elemental damage type on all your weapons to Void Damage, and refresh Iron Harvest’s timer.

·        Bastion - Increases the duration of Sentinel Shield. Using Sentinel Shield’s Guard function grants a temporary but considerable increase to weapon damage for nearby allies.




Code of the Mercenary:

·        Stockstrike - Melee an enemy with your equipped weapon to temporarily blind them.

·        Trial and Treasure - Precision hits with Stockstrike immediately reload your equipped weapon’s magazine, in addition to granting increased durability and presence for your next Barricade. Stacks up to 3x.

·        Just Cause: All abilities recharge faster when enemies are in close proximity.

·        Fire Born of Man: Slam your hammer into the ground upon activating Hammer of Sol, creating massive area-of-effect damage around you. Enemies damaged by Hammer of Sol are temporarily blinded.




Way of the Wolf:

·        Wolf-Fang - Throw a knife from a distance. This melee ability has two charges, and ignites enemies that it hits.

·        Hone Claws – Breaking an enemy’s shield with Gambler’s Dagger grants bonus damage to your next grenade, and picking up ammo significantly reduces the cooldown of your grenade and Gambler’s Dagger.

·        Pounce – Enemies damaged by you or your allies become marked.

·        We Are Many - Golden Gun can overpenetrate and damage multiple targets, and kills with Golden Gun grant ability energy.




Way of the Dancer:

·        Showstopper - Use your melee ability to unleash a devastating Arc Staff blow on your enemies, dealing damage in a small area around you.

·        Encore – Enemies damaged by Showstopper chain Arc damage to other nearby enemies.

·        Fleet-Footed – Dodging neutralises the aim assistance of your enemies’ weapons and abilities, and allows you to draw and aim your own weapons immediately for a short time after dodging.

·        Vanish – Sprinting for a short time during Arc Staff causes you to disappear from sight.




Way of the Loner:

·        Envenomed - Throw a high-damage smoke bomb explosive from a distance with this Melee Ability.

·        The Cycle – Damaging enemies immediately after dodging immediately recharges your Melee Ability. Killing enemies with your Melee Ability immediately recharges your grenade. Killing enemies with your grenade immediately recharges your class ability.

·        Become the Monster - Hold L1 + R1 to drain charged super energy, regenerating your health and automatically reloading all of your weapons. Doing this while your super is charged also immediately recharges your abilities and grants bonus Power ammo.

·        Feed the Void – Enemies tethered by Shadowshot rapidly lose health and ability energy. Killing tethered enemies increases the duration of the Void Anchors fired from Shadowshot.




Attunement of Energy:

·        Soul Rip – Strike an enemy with this melee ability to reduce the cooldown of Nova Bomb.

·        Black Hole – Enemies damaged by your grenades have their movement speed dramatically slowed.

·        Light in Multitude - Once Nova Bomb has finished charging, another super energy bar will appear, charging it again for more than one charge at the cost of a slightly increased charge time for Nova Bomb.

·        Lance – Nova Bomb travels farther and faster, and deals more damage.




Attunement of Radiance:

·        Scorching Ward: - A powerful solar melee ability that burns enemies and then forms an overshield for you.

·        Song of Flame - Rifts recharge grenade and melee abilities for you and your allies.

·        Radiant Skin – Multikills while you or your allies have overshield’s active refreshes those overshield’s and extends their duration.

·        Gift of the Sun – Upon casting Daybreak, you and nearby allies gain a powerful overshield. Increases the duration of Daybreak.




Attunement of Static:

·        Thunderstrike – Deliver a high-damage electrocuting melee strike at extended range.

·        Harmony Within – Gain massively increased Resilience and Recovery when your grenades and Thunderstrike are fully charged.

·        Hurricane Without – Using any of your abilities while Harmony Within is active creates an Arc explosion around you, and grants a temporary increase to Mobility.

·        Superconductor – Doubles your Stormtrance lightning’s chaining capabilities.

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These are great ideas. Thanks for contributing!

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These are great ideas. Thanks for contributing!

Thanks! Some of these were a little bit difficult to design, but I think they turned out alright in the end.