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Nightfall time restriction is unreasonable. Not fun anymore.

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Nightfall strikes used to be fun in Destiny 1 and yet still challenging.  The time restriction is so great now that a player must find ways of ignoring much of the play.  I would bet that 75 percent or more attempts are unsuccessful.  Many players have given up even attempting nightfall strikes. Destiny 2 should provide fun to all of its players and not to just a few who are seeking ultra challenges. If Destiny wishes to provide a bonus for short duration completions that's fine but as it is now most of the player community find nightfall out of reach.

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I agree 100%. Modifiers in general are an uncreative way for lazy game developers to rehash old warn-out or played-out content. The Timer Modifier is the laziest of the lazy on the list of modifiers.  

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I havent even touched a nightfall strike yet in Destiny 2. Yet im 292~ on my Titan.


The new timer is so stupid, the old one was: You didn't finish the strike in the time? Doesn't matter, you just dont get the extra reward. This new timer is like: Oh didnt finish? here, start all over again :D.



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What was wrong with throwing you all back into orbit if you wipe?

Nightfalls don't even have to be super hard, just the thought of being flung back into orbit got the adrenaline pumping and made you stick together it was just fine.

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This week the timer didn't play too big of a part.  It was the first week where I completed it on all 3 of my guys.  But...  It isn't the same as running Omnigal on the NF and get to the end and getting thrown back to Orbit.  That was frustrating but you took your time and used teamwork to complete it.  It was very rewarding that way.  Saturday night I ran it 3 times in a row and we basically just ran as fast as we could shooting as little as possible and died many times try to get through the laser beam portion.  Timing isn't my strong suit. 


I do understand the frustration by being timed on a NF.  I don't like it and wish there was a happy medium where they combined toughness with modifiers (faster ability recharge rate, etc.)  and dropped the timed portion completely.  Personally I would rather it took longer but you had to clear the ads before moving on and if the team wiped then you would either go back to the previous CP, then if you wiped again go back another CP until you ended up in Orbit.  It would feel more rewarding to complete rather than saying you beat the timer and skipped the majority of the strike. 

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I agree it isn't fun anymore and players are rightly riushing thru for the end rewards.


We just need choice with maybe a timed nightfall for skilled players (giving great rewards) and untimed for casuals.  We all miss incentives to play which has been the failing so far.  We don't have unique weapons, raid armour is a yawnfest.


I know its mentioning the past but the fact we had to grind for strange coin made it a challenge.  Now we drop every exotic or buy it off xur.


Bungie will need to address this for the sake of the game and its future.



Watch this space.


I do genuinely enjoy the game but now it has become not fun anymore.





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As long as they have a timer on NF , I'm not going to do it , I didn't even care much for the timer on the NF in D1 , at least you got to complete it if the timer ran out !! 

Well my GF announced that if they don't take the timer off NF she's won't play Destiny anymore , she would run NF as many times as she could , now she has lost interest because of the timer !! Needless to say I very upset about this !! ,  They really need to make the timer an option !