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The bar has been lowered

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In D1, first week after launch:





The Average Gameplay Session lasts about 3 hours. On weekdays. On weekends it turns out you have some extra time to kill, raising the average up to more than 4 hours per session.


In D2 after launch:





"An extremely high percentage of players have both finished the campaign – Like, a shocking number of players. I think that’s a really interesting data point, and the team should be really proud of that. It means that, when people enter the world, they’re sticking around."



So we've gone from "4 hour average gaming sessions, this means players truly stick around" to "Most people finished the campaign...this means people are sticking around!"


Smith caught heat for the latter quote, obviously finishing the campaign has zero correlation to replayability / returning to play more. But wow, where's Deej with the bragging stats now?

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Yes we all had high hopes and expected so much more. Then Bungie gave us a watered down version of Destiny.

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I thought the Campaign would be longer , only 1 Red War mission in the EDZ , and what was the whole point of Gary ?? I though the raid would have him in it , not Jabba the Hutt with legs !

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