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Uninitiated at Destiny

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Hello all.

     While the first Destiny looked interesting, I don't play on Console anymore, so it passed me by.

When Destiny 2 was announced as coming to the PC, I pre-ordered, but didn't want to O.D. on info and spoilers before I had the chance to play.

As release date approaches, it seems like the appropriate time to start learning and understanding the lore of the world and meet some other players.

I'm a 50 year old Military Vet (11B) living in Florida working in the IT field.

Looking forward to learning what Destiny is all about and maybe, just maybe, making some friends along the way.

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Welcome Guardian ! 



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Welcome to the forums, Grendel! Sorry if that isn't how most people refer to you.  :D


If you really want to know about the main story of Destiny, I'd highly recommend that you watch this timeline video created by one of Destiny's top lore-masters:


It's long, but highly informative. Again, welcome to the PD forums!



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Welcome form a fellow 50 year old gamer!!!



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I'm excited to be here as well!