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It's probably me, but I didn't realize regarding the factions......

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that you are only pledged to them during the Faction Rallies. I didn't quite realize that after the special event was done, you no longer were pledged to them and didn't obtain rep any more. So I ask Bungie this stupid question: why make them temporary and limited events?

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I also asked friends of mine today about this.  I tried to pledge to FWC on my brand new level 20 guy.  They missed the mark again with this change.



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It's going to be a monthly thing like the Iron Banner.  


That's why I thought allowing you to pledge different factions between your characters is kind of self defeating.  


I think the Faction Rally should be account based, where once you pledge a faction on one character, that's your faction for all your characters.  Then have a leader board in game so we can see who's in the lead and we can help.


Have Crucible games where only Dead Orbit members are teamed up against FWC members, if you win, you get tokens, if you lose, you don't.  That sort of thing.  Make it seem more like a competition and not a participation award thing.

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