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First Iron Banner of Destiny 2 starts 10/10/2017

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I did get every IB weapon except the submachine gun.



I only played through the 5 packages I mentioned before.  I received 2 SMG's, 1 side arm, 1 Pulse rifle and the Hunter Helmet. 


I had a little time to play over the weekend and choose to pass.  I didn't like the fact that no Iron Banner gear would drop in game.  Just from IB packages. 

Didn't really add any incentive to grinding out any more tokens. 



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I turned in 12 packages or so and got tons of duplicates.  On a side note a guy on my friends list turned in 53 packages according to his emblem.  Not sure I could force myself to play that much.  To each their own, I guess. 



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I have to say this.  After a week of Control in the Iron Banner and then 11 games of a mixed bag last night...  I will take iron Banner any day.  I played better, even against full fire teams.  


Last night sucked.  


One game of Supremacy, 1 minute in, two guys leave.  The final score was 1 to 33.  Thank goodness for the Mercy rule.  I got two kills that game, died 13 times.  It was horrible.  


I actually enjoyed the week of Iron Banner even when I got stomped.  Last night reminded me of why I am frustrated with the Quickplay method of the Crucible.