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Destiny 2 Quality of Life changes I'd like to see

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Art of War

Art of War

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Plz Bungo, can we increase the likelihood of obtaining NEW weapons and armour from vendors? I can't even begin to describe how many duplicates of Does Not Compute I've gotten from Shaxx.


Yeah without random rolls the duplicates are brutal and so unrewarding. 



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Another QoL change I would like to see.


Change the freaking Heavy ammo system.


I am so freaking tired of being shoulder charged out of the way or beat in the back of the head because I was the only one at the heavy and then everyone else comes in at the final second.  


When I get to the heavy, if someone is already there, I guard them and make sure they get heavy.  But this weekend was a turning point for me.  So many times, there would be no one around with 3 seconds to heavy and boom, shoulder charged out of the way.  WTF.  So, I follow them, and mess with their aim when their sniping.  This one titan had sword ammo.  I kept pushing him while he was trying to kill an opponent. He died, I three shot MIDA'd the opponent from 3 feet away and got the kill, then waived at the ghost of my blueberry team mate and then ran off.  I was laughing so hard.



What I would like to see for Heavy ammo:

1. Increase the time between heavy drops.  Maybe double the time based on my other suggestions

2. Distributed to all those within a 10-m radius or maybe even 5-m. If you're not in that radius in time, then so be it. 

3. To keep the teams from being heavy handed (hahahahaha).  Ammo will be distributed based on the number of guardians in the radius. 

i.e. If I'm the only one, then give me two rockets.  If it's me and another, I get one rocket, he get's half the ammo of what ever he's running. and so on.


I can see this turning into a rocket fest, since you'd always get one rocket, while others would be at least half, 1/3 or 1/4 the normal amount.