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Heavy.... I mean Power Ammo

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Okay, this power ammo thing is getting ridiculous.  


This has happened to me several times, but these two instances stand out.


I show up at the power ammo, I'm the ONLY one there.  It has 3 seconds until spawn.  Another guy comes running up and tries to shove me out of the way so he can get it.  I hold fast and I get the ammo.


The second instance.  I died and spawned in right next to the power ammo.  It has a few seconds until it spawns.  No other blueberries around.  Two others spawn into the same space.  They try to shove me away from the power ammo.  I get it.  One guy swipes his sword at me.  I run off and get a triple down with my first rocket and killed the 4th with my second rocket.


When I see someone else going for power ammo, I either hang back and protect them and make sure they get it, or I run off if there is no danger in sight.  


What's up with the aggressive power ammo grabs from teammates?  geesh...



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I think this was bound to happen and just a product of only one getting power ammo when it spawns. Besides, you can be a nice teammate and let others have their power trip - it can't be you all the time. lol



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Same thing use to happen in Halo when any of the power weapons would re-spawn. 

Players on the same team would beat the hell out of each other in order to be able to pick up the sniper rifle or rocket launcher when it spawned. 


Sometimes they would even go as far as betraying their teammate by running them over in what ever vehicle was available just so that they would get it. 


It was a problem in Halo and Bungie brought it back in Destiny 2.  (Not a smart move Bungie)



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challengers sometimes require you to get kills with power ammo maybe thats why sometimes they feel they need it.



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It's annoying, but not unanticipated. Some people just don't think about the bigger picture that is their team. They simply MUST have it before anyone else.
At least Power ammo spawns a lot more often than Heavy ammo did. It gives everyone a chance to get a fair share of sweet, sweet Power kills (Though SOME players clearly don't care about giving everyone a fair go. Stupid greedy teammates).
I think it's sufficient enough to say that the first person at the Power ammo spawn deserves said Power ammo.
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