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D2 Prep. Team

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Hey all!
I played D1 a couple years ago, but I never did any raids. I solo'd the Nightfalls most weeks, but all that really means is I'm not sure how teamwork works lol Going in to D2, I was considering trying to change that. I do have a mic but never used it in D1, and though I'm often busy I can probably stick to a fireteam's schedule if necessary.
Personal info-wise, I'm a senior at Ohio State in Animal Sciences/Biosciences and I work out at the Shane Center branch of Path International. I'm the exact opposite of a critical person and easy to get along with; not the sort to throw a controller despite dying at the end of a solo Nightfall (yeah I've been through that lol).
I used the cheesiest ways and Planet Destiny guides to do it. I would literally take potshots at the bosses with the Icebreaker for like 2+ hours lol I definitely need a team now though, because I hear the Nightfalls are going to have a time limit- way less than 2+ hours.
I was part of clan, Team Helping Hands, but we never played together. I'm not even sure it still exists. The clan goal was really just to help any guardians, with anything. I'd help people farm, finish Exotic weapon missions, etc. I hope to approach D2 with a different energy than when I only did solo D1, and get to know more players as a result. That's why I'm starting my search for people now, before D2 launch.

We'll need actual teamwork these days. I'll need to play catch-up on how that works come D2. Add or message me on XB1 @ VennligHund  anytime. My goal is to find certain people I get to know well and can depend on, and not so much just looking for a clan with a large player count. Ya know?

John (VennligHund)
P.S., 'VennligHund' is like saying 'FriendlyDog'

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