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The Fraternal Order of Black Wants You!

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Darth Typhon

Darth Typhon

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Hello all,My name is Darth Typhon, and I am the Membership Whip of our squad, The Fraternal Order of Black. We have been together going on 8 years now, our lineage going back to Halo 3. I would like to offer all who seek a home in Destiny 1 and moving on into Destiny 2 to try-out for my squad. I wish to expand into a clan but I would like to have strong, dependable, skilled, players. If you are looking for allies then see if you could call The Fraternal Order of Black your home. We will be meeting online TOMORROW, August 1st, 2017, Tuesday at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time join us. If you wish to join us please send either of the following gametags (DrThaddeus, pizzazwned, Darth Typhon) a message via Xbox Live containing the following information:
How Often You Play
What Days You Play
Why You Want To Join

Once you have done that we will be sure to invite you to a party for a meet and greet, answer any question and play a few games together probably a raid or two. If you find that you can’t meet tomorrow but still would like to learn more about us still send us a message and we will find a time to meet you.Here is a link to our page : https://www.bungie.n...ail/381828Thankyou for your time.
Darth Typhon
Membership Whip
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When I get a XBox I will add you



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This really isn't the best place to get new members for your clan.


1 because this is your first post and nobody knows you.

2 this forum is dead until Destiny 2 come out.

3 this is a forum for people to talk about Destiny , thus people who use these forums end up making friends and probably don't need a clan.

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