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1st Season Player Getting Back Into it (Xbox 360)

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Hey All,


I played Destiny back when it was released, did a Vault of Glass run a few times, and stopped playing. Recently I've had time to pick the game back up, and have my Hunter and Titan to lvl 40, around 270-290 light. I still have a ways to go, and am hoping to find a few people to play with on some strikes and PoE runs. Eventually looking at getting back into a weekly raid in a week or two. 


I play most every evening for a hour or two around 7pm EST. Weekends I have more time and would be interested in some extended play, with the potential of raids on Sundays. 


I'd prefer mature players, but am open to working with anyone willing to help a OG player get back up to speed. I'm planning on buying a xbox one prior to the Destiny 2 launch, and it would be ideal to find players in the same situation





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Welcome to the forums, Ecurb! As always, it's wonderful to see a returning a player step back into this community.



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Welcome Guardian ! 

I would offer to help except I'm on XBone ! 



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Welcome back Guardian