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OG Hunter returning

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OzRik T

OzRik T

Hey guys,


Just coming to introduce myself. Giving you a little bit of background on myself.


Played since early beta as a hunter on PS4, keen in both PvE and PvP. Throwing countless hours into the game, until I moved back onto my main game which is WoW, not touched it since.


However with the release of D2 round the corner, I figured I'd clock some more hours on it, get used to the classes etc again before the release, I will be playing on PC but there's a lot of aspects of the game I wish to freshen up on.


So a while back, when I stopped playing, I sold my PS4 and recently purchased a Xbone, and then yesterday Destiny: The Collection.

I decided this time round to main a Titan, after being exclusively a Hunter before hand. Since I've done the story through and through, I boosted my Titan straight to 40 and started playing already. Forget how much fun I had on this game, its brilliant.


Used to have a pretty strong core clan, ran every raid on heroic every reset, consistent PvE content with them day in, day out. Looking for that sort of commitment again soon enough, although I am under geared atm. (Gonna miss my Hawkmoon :'( )

Light level only at 248/400.

Not sure where to start with gearing up tbh, did a fare few Crucible bounties, got to about half way through Crucible Level 1 (Forgot what the rep is actually called, I know the PvE rep is Vanguards). I figured spamming crucible to Level 3 and save my Legendary marks isn't a bad way of starting off but I'm just going to go on a whim and say there is better ways of gearing. If anyone has any tips, Id appreciate it.

I cant do any of the weekly PvE stuff due to lack of Light level.


I'm going to make a post in the recruitment section about possibly joining a clan, with the promise to be a strong and active player. Interested in both PvE and PvP, maintaining a 3.9 K/D/A ratio on PS4.


But anyways, here I am.


Feel free to add my gTag OzRik T, I'll be active almost everyday.



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Hi there Orzik. Welcome back and welcome to the Forum. We are glad you are here.



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Welcome Guardian ! 


you will be able to get a Hawkmoon on Xbox , however some of the other PS exclusive are not available to us Xbox users 



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Hey OzRik! Nice to see another returning guardian!
Once you reach the recommended light level, the best way for you to level up for a while will probably be through the strike playlists, especially tge SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist. After about LL 380, you can do basically anything to level up.
Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.



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Welcome OzRik! 


Good luck with getting back into Destiny and your journey of upping your light level.



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Welcome Guardian