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Planet Destiny Forum Community - Thank You

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I was reading another forum and they had something like this, but I wanted to start a thread here.


I figured that the Destiny 2 Game Reveal day was the best time to do this.


As Destiny 1 starts its slow process to sunset and Destiny 2 is revealed, more and more talk will be about the future of Destiny and new content.  I took a look back and realized just how much this forum changed my Destiny experience.  It turned it from a generic video game that I just plodded through to an EPIC ADVENTURE.  I have met many great people and shared many experiences.


Destiny would not be such a part of my life as it is now without this community.  You've allowed me to share much of my in game silliness and I appreciate that.  I have also looked forward to everything you've had to say to learn new tactics, new secrets.


I am looking forward what Destiny 2 has in store for us and everyone sharing their stories.


THANK YOU to everyone





A screenshot of how I want my Guardian to be remembered.  I was extremely proud of my first Iron Banner armor set.

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Ditto here Michael. My first raid completion was KF that was started through a thread on this very forum. Although I don't talk with that group anymore, I've had some great experiences and memories via this forum. Looking forward to seeing what D2 has in store for us and sharing it with those whom I've made friends with.

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Even though as many people don't stop by here as there used to be , I still stop by here everyday and like Michael said this place has made my Destiny experience much more enjoyable , hopefully we can keep this going with D2 , I've met good people here , even though I don't get to play with some of them due to us being on different systems , we still manage to have some good laughs due here on the Planet Destiny Forums !! Thank you Noles and everyone else involved in Planet Destiny ! 

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Your welcome Michael.  I couldn't agree more. 


I came for the video's and stayed for the community. 

Sharing my accomplishments and misadventures

Getting opinions on my latest weapon drops.

Learning new tips, tricks and tactics.


Its been a blast being part of this community. 

Hopefully the consoles will be bridged where I will be able to actually play along side a few of you in the future.


Then the real adventures will begin!!

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I could not be more in agreement with you, Michael.

I grew up alone in a world of Destiny haters, and it was tough even admitting that I enjoyed this game so much. I came to the forums hoping for a community that I could discuss this game with, and truth be told, it has to have been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It's blown me away just how amazing this community is. I love talking Destiny with all of you here, and I'll be even more privileged to talk Destiny 2 with you guys when it rolls around.  :D

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Same here, even though I have only grouped up with maybe 1 or 2 people on here (raging Fup PvP sessions) coming to this forum as kept me playing and made Destiny much more fun.

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This is a fantastic place! Thank you everyone! :)
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