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Virgin Guardian checking in

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Hi Guardians - I'm a fairly new gamer, and very new to multiplayer...and forums for that matter! Been playing The Division a lot recently which has wet my appetite for playing with real people rather than just AI. I went on to 100 looking for people to team up with in The Division and all I found was a shed load of clearly very dedicated Destiny players. After 3 years??! I thought there has to be something going on here that's worth checking out so I got Destiny and here I am. I've been playing for a week and am currently at level 10. The mechanics are great but I haven't got the Destiny bug yet. I could really use some people to team up with. I have briefly teamed up a couple of times with Guardians who've been playing for years and very buffed up which was kind of them but, to be honest, not much fun - most times they'd finished my mission before I got there! My small experience with The Division has taught me that the thing that kept me coming back has been playing with other people and making friends, which was easy to do because of the matchmaking system, but not so easy with Destiny. Anyway, if you've actually read all the way to the end of this ramble - hi! Do stop by and say hello and look forward to seeing you in the Hippodrome....erm....or whatever it's called. :)

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What are you looking for help with?  


it's the Cosmodrome.   :P



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Hi there Janetta. Welcome to the forum. We are glad you are here. What times of the day do you play?


BTW - awesome intro!



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Welcome Guardian  !! 

I would offer to help you out but , I'm on Xbox , but there are people here that will help you out for sure ! 



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Welcome Janetta! Gotta say, that's one of the best introductions I've ever seen! :thumbsup: 

The PD forums are a wonderful place for us Guardians to talk and hang out. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future! 



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Welcome. Surely here you should be able to find players of your speed willing to help you.



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Lol, the "Hippodrome" is actually a community theater in Gainesville, Florida haha