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Destiny 2 - conjecture

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I was listening to the Destiny Community Podcast this weekend and they had some interesting banter and conjecture about the future of Destiny.  The funny thing is, it matches what I've been thinking, so I figured I'd share.


During the last reveal stream there was a point where they were talking about the Daybreak strike.  Starting March 28th we'll have Daybreak Nightfalls once a month until July 18th and we'll have a full 6 weeks of Daybreak through the month of August.  Seek link below.




They funny thing is, they didn't say what was going to happen after the month of August.  Did they give a hint about D2 release?  This would put August 29th as a date we need to watch.  Whether it's the release date or just something else that might happen in the world of Destiny.  Or it could just be nothing.


Another thing they talked about was what we're going through in Destiny in these final months.  They are finally giving everything to us.  We'll be able to hoard weapons that we haven't seen since Y1 (yes Hockeydad, you'll have more to hoard).  We're given Daybreak strikes where we're just "ultimate bad asses"


I think Bungie is giving us everything and making us feel like we've conquered the darkness, only to have it all ripped away from us for D2.  Just like the Iron Lords.  


I'm excited about what's happening in the world of Destiny and I'm going to have fun with it over the next several months.  I'm actually glad they didn't raise the light level.  It gives us a chance just to have fun with the game.  No grinding, just fun.  


I do know, once the Destiny 2 release date is announced, I'll probably be going dark.  I want to know as little to nothing about the game.  As much as I enjoyed RoI, Bungie released too much about it. There was very little to discover on my own.  I have no issues with teasers being released and we make conjecture on that. But I really hope that Bungie keeps the story and all the D2 secrets, secret until launch date.  

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I'm excitied for something new to do in Destiny even though I have a few old quests to do , I'm just wondering when Xbox is going to get the PS exclusive stuff that we should have gotten last year . As far as D2 is concerned we probably won't hear anything until E3 in June , at least we will have Age of Triumph to keep us busy until then . 



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Yeah, my thinking is that there will be a period of downtime - about a month or two - when I think D2 might be released. That way, Bungie can prepare their servers for those that leave for other games and prepare for D2 when it becomes ready.