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Rise of Iron 6 Month Anniversary (also 26 weeks without Ophidians (or Nemesis star)

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Holy guacamole. It’s happened folks. It has officially been 26 weeks of Rise of Iron,and Ophidians/Nemesis Star are still the hide and seek champions of Xur’s inventory. (Plenty of voidfang though,praise Deej). 26 weeks is half a year,and man,what a wild 6 months it has been. The world was a different place 6 months ago. Different president,Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t getting pooped on for it’s whimsically terrible animations,and the Nintendo Switch was still called the NX,and wasn’t having it’s left analog controller being disconnected by fish tanks. I hope you all will join me in celebration of a truly wondrous celebration,Rise of Iron’s 6 month anniversary,and Destiny’s 2-and-a-half-years-plus-six-days-anniversary. May the microtransactions flow like wine,and the Ophidians not at all.


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I got Nemisis Star the 2nd week when ROI dropped , and I got the Ophidians from a blue engram ,I don't really use them too much , the only Warlock exotic armor I don't have is the Astrocyte Verse helmet !



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I'm the same as Viper.  Nemisis dropped ages ago.  I think I have one in my vault and I've had plenty drop via exotic engrams which I shard immediately.  


I have Voidfang vestments also, but I don't use my Warlock.  LOL.. He's in a closet gathering dust.