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Looking for new Destiny digs...

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Hi everyone.

I was looking for a new forum to join as the one I was in kind of fell away and, while people were joining, there wasn't a great deal of activity.

Not anyone's fault, really, I guess people just got distracted by other games.


Anyway, I've been playing since the Beta and have played this almost constantly since it was released (sad I know). I've tried other things but just don't really get into them as much and find myself going back to Destiny.


A bit about me?

Okay. I'm 41, live in Scotland and play on Xbox One . My game time is pretty much limited to around 21:00 - midnight (UK time) Sunday to Thursday and I'm normally on 3-4 times a week.

Friday and Saturday nights are definitely out as are Saturday and Sunday daytime as I also have a wife and kids. The kids play Xbox too so I really only get to play when they go to bed.


As I said, I've been playing since the Beta but have not yet done ANY raids!

I'd love to get together with a group to try and knock some of these out (at any level).


I've got all three character slots filled with different classes (Hunter is may favourite):

  • Level 40 Hunter (favoured subclass: Gunslinger although all subs are complete - hate nightstalker)
  • Level 40 Warlock (favoured subclass: Voidwalker other two subs almost comlete)
  • Level 40 Titan (don't really have a favoured subclass, I don't really use him much)

I'm not a hardcore gamer who takes games too seriously but I've been playing this pretty constantly since release so I'm not too bad (not great in PvP though, usually a mid table kind of guy).

I don't care about K/D ratios or anything like that, I play to relax and enjoy myself.

I'm happy to help people through the game missions too if they need some help.


Wow! Just realised how much I wrote...apologies.

If you've read this far, great.


If you want to add me feel free.

My Xbox gamertag is homechild



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Welcome to the community, Homechild! You certainly came to the right place; this community is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.



    New Blood

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Once I find my way around I'll start posting more.



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Welcome Guardian ! 



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Hi there Homechild. Welcome to the forum. We are glad you are here. Love that intro too. Nice job.



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Welcome Guardian :)