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Jumping back in after a (long) Hiatus

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So, the down and skinny of it is I quit playing Destiny a while back, after the first expansion, built a custom PC and joined the PC master race. Gave my ps4 to my spoiled little nephew, that I can't help but love, and moved on with my life. yesterday, after a few years (it feels to be about 20) I figured I could get a console (bought an xbox 1 this time) and fall back into more casual based gameplay... as the WoW machine was starting to eat up too much free time. So here I am.

Name is TJ

26 years old

Electrician by trade.

I am looking for advice as to where I should begin now with my level 40 character boost I got? For those of you who may not have noticed the game feels like it has changed quite a bit since I last played. Thank you all for the help, and happy hunting.



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Welcome back! If you got a level 40 boost, then I believe that means you bought ROI and TTK, yes? If so, then I would suggest that you start with the Taken King missions. They make more sense in terms of story continuity: Rise of Iron is better fodder for long-time players that understand the Iron Banner lore, so maybe do those ones after.

And yes, you're absolutely right. If you quit after TDB, then it would've changed a lot for you.

Again, welcome back to the community! I hope to see more from you in the future!


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:Welcome: Welcome back!


Begin with all the story missions, in the release order I'd say (Vanilla, TDB, HoW, TTK, RoI) so you can have a good idea of the story line, and the progression is smooth.

Then you'll have many quests unlocked, to get a lot of good gear, and you'll be able to run heroic strikes, Nightfalls, the Forge, etc.

If you like PvP, regular playlists drop good guns pretty often as post-game rewards (random), and the xp/rep gain is very fast


Have fun!

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I would agree with what's already been said before. Run some strikes to get your Vanguard rep up. I would also suggest ranking up your gunsmith rep by testing out weapons. That way you can order weapons and pick up ones that have some good perks. I also recommend going to the reef and completing bounties for Petra as well as running Prison of Elders for Variks. Iron Banner will be coming up so just doing a couple days of pvp will enable you to get some good weapons and armor to don.



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Welcome Guardian ! 



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Welcome Guardian! :)