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Post TTK Guardian here - HI!

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Hi all.  Started playing Destiny (VERY casually) in January '16, after TTK.  Didn't get serious about it until last last summer, before RoI was released.  Been obsessed with it since then.  My 11 and 16 year old sons are also Guardians.  I discovered Planet Destiny about that time and it's really been my go-to for reviews, tips, and advice.  Not sure what took me so long to register in the forums.  Looking for a good, positive community here.  Hope it's a lot less toxic than the Bungie forums.


I've completed all the solo content and all the raids (though not on hard mode yet).  Originally, I was only interested in PVE strikes and raids with my friends.  I started playing Crucible with the first Iron Banner after RoI was released because I had a bounty and a couple of exotic quests that required it. At first, I hated getting pub-stomped by all the shotgunning apes but now I can hold my own.  i've even become reasonably good with my full auto Matador.  The Crucible is a great way to get in a quick couple of games each night and gradually increase my skills.  Although I'm not very good compared to most, it's really the next challenge for me. 


Anyway, glad to be here.  Hope it's a civil place for respectful disagreement and constructive agreement.



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Welcome to the Forums Guardian!  :Welcome:



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Hi there Battle. Welcome to the forum. We are glad you are here.



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Welcome Guardian !



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Welcome Guardian 😄