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Hello Everyone


As the Title says, I'm new to this Site.  I've been playing Destiny since a little after it initially launched, and have Frequently used LFG.net to find others to co-op with, particularly for raids. 


Right now though, I'm having a problem: I need to find a Hunter & a Warlock to do a Nightfall and the other Outbreak Prime requirements.  I had a feeling I shouldn't have waited so long to get it, but I didn't know it was going to be this big of a hassle.


Also, LFG has been useless for finding people for this so far (Nobody EVER posts or looks under "Quests" "Exotic Quests" etc. & there is no option for simply Outbreak Quest).


If anyone out there needs to get it, or is willing to help, I'd much appreciate it.  All of my Characters are 400 light, fully leveled, etc.  I need to do this with my Titan, though.


Please send me a msg on Xbox live if you can help, but please don't message me for anything else.  (If I want to play Trials or Crucible or do a Raid, you'll find me on LFG).


Thanks for your time.


PS - I'm a mature adult, and would prefer to play with other adults.  Please be at least 16 if you message me.


Xbox ID: Narkoleptx



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