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Hey, Guardians.

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The Meh

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Hello, Guardians. How's everyone doing?


My name's Sean Carter, but you can call me by either my profile name (Meh), or my Xbox name (Chaos). I'll accept either, really.


I've been playing Destiny since... around a few months after Year Two's April Update. I pretty much scrounged up money for the Standard Edition of Destiny and worried about the DLC afterwards. I admire many thing about Destiny, most of which involves the lore (or, aspects of it... also, Book of Sorrows, amirite), the music, and Oryx.


Oryx because he's a badass, but that's entirely besides the point.


Outside of Destiny, I enjoy other games too (who doesn't), listening to music (who doesn't), and writing.


I do like Destiny for what it is, accept if for what it is, and enjoy it as much as I can. With that, I would hope I'm able to be a good community member here as such. Added, if you need someone for raids, you can always hit me up over Xbox. I do usually main my Warlock, but I'm doing work on my Titan and Hunter to see towards gearing them up better for raids as well. So... yeah.


Just hit my GT up (TheChaoticLight) if you need help in raids, and... yeah...


Per aspera ad astra,


-The Meh



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Welcome Guardian !



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Welcome Guardian :)