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A wild Artolian appears!

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Hello, fellow Guardians! My name is Artolian and I am a year one/week one/day one veteran of Destiny, although that said, Destiny is my first FPS experience so don’t expect me to be any greater for it he, he.
    In game you might find me twirling my hand cannon and landing golden gun shots with precision accuracy left and right (and hopefully hitting someone and not just something) as gunslinger is by far my favourite class, but to me Destiny represents a much more wholesome and inspiring experience than other shooters and as such I seek to bolster that experience and repay it in kind with my own trade: writing. You see, where my gunplay is marginally improving, my true skill and passion lie in storytelling, poetry and the written word as a whole. Essays, articles, analyses/studies, short-stories and finally a whole book script stand amongst my proudest achievements in life. And so, after taking a break from my other projects, I started combining my two great loves in order to create something...ah...different? Fan fiction! Or is it an homage?  I don’t really know what to define it as and what would be considered politically correct, but I do sit on a small (and growing) stack of writings inspired by the Destiny universe which I aim to share with you on a weekly basis here on planet destiny.
To this day I have released both a poem (Become Legend) and an essay (Gunslinger) and hope to bolster my inventory the coming months with many more, even a couple of short-stories. I sincerely hope you guys will enjoy them and don’t be afraid to comment and criticize my work, feedback is always appreciated. As for a final lead-in to my work (shameless promotion, I know), I leave you with a short introductory piece and wish you the best of luck in your Destiny experience!
- Artolian.
Have you heard this one?
You heard the legends, haven’t you? Tall tales about great guardians and horrific stories about our frightening enemies? Most of them are true I warrant, but they often tend to eclipse the lesser ones, the ones you come across in casual conversations, not some grand speech about even grander accomplishments. Nah, I’m talking about the stories of the little flickers and sparks of light drifting through space, walking next to you in the tower or stealing your kill out in the field. The nameless ones, each and every one the hero or villain of their own story. I’m talking about the wisecracking hunter barging about his latest patrol, the overconfident titan retelling his latest grandiose accomplishments and the inquisitive warlock pestering everyone about their latest findings. See, most people tend to walk them by without a second thought, not worth their time or interest, but me? I tend to keep close and listen, recording each story as if they were worth their length in glimmer. But really, who cares? All these little stories doesn’t amount to much compared to legends such as “The Last Word” or the dreaded origin of “Oryx, the taken king”, right? Or maybe they do? Who knows. Anyway, if you made it this far I assume I somehow managed to catch your interest. So, how about I share a tale or two? A poem or essay perhaps? That’s right, I do those too. Not songs, though. Haven’t quite figured out the kinks for those yet. Now, where was I? Oh, right. Have you heard this one?

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Welcome Guardian :)



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Welcome!  I look forward to reading your work.


And by the way, I am a horrible reviewer, so I may read, but I may not comment.  :)



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Welcome Guardian !