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Trials of Osiris Lighthouse runs! [Xbox One]

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Hey everyone, myself and my friends don't mind helping people get their Lighthouse run if they aren't having good luck! We don't normally do carries we just play together most of the time, but we find it makes us better having more of a challenge and it helps people out. Now with that we won't always carry people or if we did it with you once we probably won't do it on a weekly basis as we enjoy playing together.The people that would be playing with you would be me (Ferocious), Brody, or Xamburg those are our gamertags if you want to send us a message on Xbox.


Now if you play with us we just ask you buy all the boons as you can't control everything and a Mercy is so important. Also we request you use Quick res is you have it, so one of us can use a Exotic so insure we play a little better (isn't needed just very helpful). Other than that you don't need to tell us you'll be useless or you can't win the round when you are the last one left. We just ask you don't have a negative attitude on your own skill level or doubt yourself, quite frankly it's a bummer and it could effect team moral. 


Now given the fact we won't always carry people I'll give everyone my personal recommendation on someone who does do a great job at it. His gamertag is KleptoTV and his Twitch is KleptoTV he only streams Trials and does carries from Friday to Monday. We've matched him a few times he's a great player and a nice guy. Ever since we played him originally I checked his Twitch out and been a follower since. He has a list of people after he finishes the list for the day he goes on to raffles. If you are looking for more consistent carries I would recommend going to his Stream.

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Hey man. I am wanting to desperately pop my lighthouse cherry, lol. How can I get in on this or get the help to get a flawless. I have been 8-0 on two occasions. Closest I have gotten. 



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Thank you for the info. I am a big destiny play but I haven't been to the lighthouse yet. It is something I really want to do before d2 comes out.



I am in desperate need of being marched to the nighthouse please help me!