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Hunter Nightstalker Armor/Weapon Loadout?

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Normally I would scour the search forum to answer this question, however, I'm not sure how I would word it to get acceptable search results.


Here we go.


As a Hunter, I'm finding my gear drops have more emphasis on Intellect and Discipline.  Do you other Hunters run into the same?  As I tend to run Nightstalker for most encounters for both PvE and PVP  the high intellect helps with shadowshot.  Now I'm looking more for the community's thoughts on a PvE loadout so I ask you these questions.


What subclass do you use for your PvE? Which Perks?


What Attributes do you try and focus on?  Intellect, Discipline, and/or Strength?


What armor/weapons do you tend to run on your standard activities?  I.E. Strikes, Missions, Raid crowd control etc.


Any input would be of great help. 





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I've been running Sealed ahamkara's grasps for the second smoke bomb. I'm currently spec'd at 4th tier intellect and discipline, with 2nd tier strength. I'm really more spec'd for Gunslinger in crucible (Where I run Y2 young aham spine), hence the high disc. I might trade some disc for strength because the NS grenades are pretty lackluster and for the faster cool down on smokes. 


As far as class build: Voidwall, triple jump, black hole, vanish in smoke (unless it's low level then I run envenomed), light of the pack, and shade step. 


Some ppl prefer graviton forfeit so they can use keen scout, but I honestly don't find the utility of keen scout to suit my play style too much. Except when farming however many hadium flakes between ToM and the exotic swords. 


As far as weapons: 

      Primary: Hung Jury, Zhalo, ToM for daughters/oryx/golg w defender, occasionally NTTE. 

      Secondary: 1k yd Stare, black spindle, sometimes shotgun

      Heavy: Razelighter/Boltcaster, sleeper, truth, quillims terminus, the vertigo from FWC vendor 

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Sidewinder Mk.49

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I don't main a hunter, but from all the people I know who do play hunter, and with my rather lackluster experience, I would tell you to run Discipline/Strength on Nightstalker. At the moment, few classes poses as much crowd control as the Nightstalker does, so I run with that if I ever do run hunter in PvE (Titans are obviously the best choice). Gunslinger, to me, is best in PvP at the moment for hunters, but Nightstalker is pretty fun. For PvP, Graviton Forfeit is a pretty good choice, but not as good as Sealed Ahmkara Grasps if you ask me. Keen Scout is a decent choice, but it's hard for it to beat out 2 smoke bombs.

---Weapons, just run what you're comfortable with. It's mostly preference. However, currently, if you do use a sniper, it should be one with a 19:34 Rate of fire to Damage ratio. So that's 1000-Yard Stare-archetype snipers. Now, as a hunter, you have the amazing choice of Stillpiercer, which, if you do not have already, should acquire ASAP. This goes for both PvE and PvP. 



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I play on my Hunter mainly and I have perfect Intellect and Discipline, I only use Nightstalker in PVE when I need to tether a boss or on a Void burn. I have a friend who also is mainly a Hunter, he has a second set of armor for Discipline and Strength. All my gear is for PVP since PVE isn't so hard I need to min max my gear. Anything besides the Raid I use Mida and spec for max agility to get done as quickly as possible. If you want to see my armor you can look up my character and check it out to see.   



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Hey! I run Nightstalker pretty extensively so hopefully I can offer some help.

First, focus on Intellect and Strength. The NS grenades aren't fantastic, but the Smoke bombs are pretty incredible. I highly recommend the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, though Graviton Forfeit will work as well if you're looking to capitalize on your mobility (not as necessary with this subclass, but that's my preference)


I primarily play PvE, so for my loadout, I use Vortex grenades. The Voidwall grenades are also very good, but they don't seem to deter stronger enemies in the same manner that the Vortex grenades do, and since the primary purpose of the NS grenades seems to be area control, I consider that pretty critical.


Beyond that, I use Triple Jump, Blood Bound, Envenomed, Lockdown, and Shadestep. The main tactic is to fire Shadowshot into a crowd of enemies, then to toss a smoke (or two, if using SAG, but I recommend holding onto the extra as a panic button) and let loose with your firearms. This deals pretty crazy damage to groups of enemies and is especially good for boss battles with lots of adds (Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Sunless Cell especially come to mind). Shadestep is mostly there because it is the best option of the three, but it adds a nice quick escape option, especially since I tend to focus on Armor and Recovery over Agility for my NS. Obviously you can switch up the Shadowshot, Smoke, and First Column, since all the options are pretty viable. This build is very offensively-oriented and sacrifices some team synergy for raw power.


For primary weapons, I use either Ace of Spades (trash disposal), Smite of Merain w/ Firefly, Red Death, or occasionally a hand cannon that I got from an engram. In my secondary slot, I have either Invective, Jingukogo-D w/ Crowd Control and Feeding Frenzy, or 1000-Yard Stare. For heavy, either Sleeper Simulant (rarely) or one of the legendary or exotic swords. I recommend avoiding Void-type damage on your weapons since you'll have that from subclass abilities; the only exception is if you are using Zhalo Supercell in your primary.

For armor, try to find a chest piece that buffs armor for using a Void subclass. This will really help you tank damage, and its much more useful than any of the Recovery equivalents. For your helm, Hands On or Inverse Shadow are your best options, and Invigoration or Infusion are the best second-slot options. For the gauntlets, Fastball or Momentum Transfer are my preferences, and the second slot obviously depends on your weapon preference. Same for the boots, though Void Double Down is a definite pick, since it'll buff up your Agility. For reference, I use the Raid and Dead Orbit armor, but it doesn't really matter what you use specifically as long as you can get the perks.

Hope this helps!




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I usually run Nightstalker but lately i've been focusing on leveling my Bladedancer. Ill focus on Nightstalker.


My perks usually are set towards max agility, max orb generation, bomb and smoke grenades, and the 'shadowshot sticks to surfaces' perk.

This loadout is mainly used in raids or every day content. Using shadowshot during the beginning of Oryx when all the adds are in the center gives a TON of orbs, the whole team is set for atleast 3 supers if another guy helps out.


For PvP I usually do an increased armor, snare, quiver, enhanced tracker, and 'smoke effects lasts longer' perk. This loadout is pretty nice to use since I don't really need to do orb generation.

Doing things like the Nightfall, daily strikes, hard stuff, i'll use a Vanish in Smoke grenade instead so I can do a quick hidden revive and get out quick. This is especially useful during Golgoroth or VoG's maze


For armor, it's varied

PvE/everyday content: mainly the highest item, or item that I want to level fast, It doesn't really matter here. For the raid ill do the raid gear.

PvP: Highest light gear, that one hunter exotic that Xur was selling recently, the one that gives an extra melee.


For weapons, again, it's varied.

PVE: Really, it depends on the thing im doing

PvP: Favored gun, Sniper or Shotty, Sword and MAYBE Rocket.