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1 thing I HATE about the taken king and 1 thing I LOVE (might)

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Firstly what I hate because that’s simple one, if you haven’t bought the Dark Bellow because you thought it was underwhelming as I did, you are now being strong armed into buying it. So now they are making sure they get that money out of you one way or another, so for this I’m considering not getting TTK because its 40 + 20 so I might as well buy the full edition again. I am currently playing on ps4 but I might as well move to xbox 1 if I have to buy the game all over again if I want everything.

What I think they are doing and like.


I think they are going to wipe the slate clean concerning weapons, if you look at the ascending button on a weapon it says bring your weapon to the maximum for year one. So I think when the TTK comes out the old exotics and legendary weapons will become obsolete. I think they are going to introduce a new form of attack and/or defense in the new light levels, so old weapons won’t do this kind of damage so players will have to use the new weapons (which I hope are more balanced). The reason why I think this might be the case is the dominance of weapons such as Thorn, The Last Word, and Hawkmoon in pvp. However I may be wrong, I’m probably wrong, but deege has said that they don’t want players to be married to one gun for the entire life cycle of the game, so here’s hoping they balance the game enough that I can justify the 60 bucks.


See you in the in the game



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I really hope they don't make weapons obsolete. I mean, adding the ascending option was a huge win for them that everyone loved. Suddenly the stuff we had and were holding on to were relevant again....only for them to undo that 4 months later? No, I really hope they aren't that dumb.

As for the purchasing option...yeah it's $60 if you dont have everything yet. Its good for people who have neither expansion, and is par if you only got one. I see why you think they are strongarming, but at the same time, they dont want to fragment the userbase. I dunno, you have a point.




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In regards to the weapons and armor, I was simply hoping that raid pieces would receive the love of ascension. I think that by making all available, it has reduced the impact of the new weapons as the perks are just not as good imo. It does give more options, but for me at least, I have broken down all new weapons with the exception of just a few.

I also feel the queens weapons should have been a cut above the rest as well. I think they will not make current weapons obsolete, but will be working a way to make the next gen weapons more relevant to the content.

As for pricing, I will shell out the money, but if the content does not justify it, will be the last destiny purchase for me.



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you're just in the shitty middle position

if you didnt buy any DLC, then it's a good deal: 60 for everything + the big expansion

if you didnt even buy the original game, new comers are laughing at the 60 dollar price, its an amazing deal

if you bought everything, great, 40 for the new massive expansion, fair

but you bought the base + 1, so it's literally the cost of buying each separately. There's no deal and you're forced to buy something you passed on already.

Ole Shawn

Ole Shawn

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So the PSN guns like the Hawkmoon will be available to XBL players but then be obsolete? That would be messed up.



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So the PSN guns like the Hawkmoon will be available to XBL players but then be obsolete? That would be messed up.

It won't happen. Bungie should be treading very carefully now after all of the backlash they have been dealing with.



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My Gjallarhorn will be very upset if I have to leave her behind , but I think you're right about the weapons , I did hear someone during E3 mention that weapons were going to have "light" we'll have to wait and see what that means



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Making current guns obsolete is the only way to get future loot to actually become appealing without risking power creeps.

Gallarhorn is still the king PvE exotic for it's unmatched DPS. Bungie are hard pressed to make something most players would even consider equiping another weapon outside niche circumstances.

Same goes for weapons like Fatebringer, there isn't quite another weapon in PvE that is as effective as it.

The reason new guns are not as powerful is two Fold: they found their first set of "End Game" guns are perhaps a little too strong. And they did not want to introduce a power creep.
issue is they've become stale. Even the End Game weapons in House of Wolves feel like bungie was too afraid to make interesting guns, and just made trials and prison guns not much different at all from the Vendor guns.


To be honest, they just have to do a better Job at making more interesting weapons.  Because, if we're forced to leave them behind or not, I want loot and gear that WOWS me.
as I said before, Trials and Prison weapons might have some good base stats, they're not really different from other guns (well, prison weapons are, but not in a good way), they don't make you go "Wow, I want that" hard enough too actually achieve them. They don't feel like rewards if when they feel like vendor guns.

The newer guns seem to have more customization options, which could be just the right thing to keep them relevent to the classic power houses.

Otherwise, except end-game activities and high level play, the weapons are not really phased out.
You'll still be able to bring everything from old into level 32 and lower activities and they will work at worst 'slightly' as effective as new guns, and at best equal (depending on level).
PvP on the other hand, except Banner and Trials, ALL weapons are on a level playing field. a 300 Hawkmoon will be as effective as a 1248 Hawkmoon. All that matters in normal PvP is Base stats and perks.