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Big fire Clans V.S. small Clans

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duel fighter

duel fighter


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I feel like this forum section is the best place to post this question, since it regards fire teams and clans. Here is the question: What have you guys found as the benefits of being in a large clan or small clan. I feel like in the beginning, when i was searching for people to play with, I would try to join large clans ( To raise the chances that someone would play with me ) but i found that I tended to fall into the cracks in those groups. The core founders of the clan played with the other founders and there were other cliques of players, and the floater players tended to not be very active. I think that getting a small clan together 6-12 people, would be best. Easy to mange, enough to play end-game content even if everyone is not on, and everyone knows each other. I have yet to find a good home clan in Destiny, and as i search, I want to keep other player's thoughts in my head. Let me know your opinions!



duel fighter



Edit: Ha! i said fire clans. I meant clan but was thinking fire team. Dope.

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NPCs Nightmare

NPCs Nightmare

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personaly i think small clans but then you have'nt got the fire power of the big misters to help but if all are game for a shoot out you have a fireteam all the time I think maybe 20 members would be ideal but then on the other side of the coin why exclude potentionally good players hard call muka

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